Anime Crossover Defense: How To Buff Stack Guide

Stack those buffs for massive bonuses!

Anime Crossover Defense How To Buff Stack Guide

When it comes to video game, stats of your character or units it’s always fun to see how much you can push them. Some games let you add bonuses from gear or buffs, but then some bugs let you increase it further!

In Anime Crossover Defense, there is currently a bug where you can stack the buffs on a single character. This can lead to wiping out challenging levels with ease as long as you do it correctly!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can stack buffs in the game. We’ll go through what units you’ll need and how to properly do it. Now, let’s see how we can make our units crazy strong!

How To Buff Stack Guide

If you want to maximize your unit’s stats in Anime Crossover Defense right now, then there’s a buggy way to do it. All you need to do is have one of the best units in the game, the Cat Burglar Unit, and then a cash unit. Here’s how it works!

SIDE NOTE: Are you completely new to the game? Check out our Complete Beginner’s Guide to get started!

Here are the steps that we’ll be taking to set up a Buff Stack.

  1. Place the units you want to buff stack.
  2. Place a Car Burglar nearby so that the first unit is within its Level 4 range.
  3. Upgrade the Cat Burglar to the Level 4 top Path.
  4. Place another Car Burglar nearby so that the first unit is within its Level 3 range.
  5. Upgrade the second Cat Burglar to Level 3 Top path.
  6. Repeat with other buff units making sure they only buff the first unit.
  7. Watch as the buff stacks on the first unit!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

If you want to get to the higher levels of the Challenge Rifts, you’ll want to learn how to stack buffs. This can be great when using units like White Mustache (White Beard) since his main attack can be buffed to have an insane range.

To do the Buff Stacking, you’ll want to place the unit you want to be buffed. Preferably you’ll do this after placing down a cash unit like Boulmi (Bulma) to cover the costs. After that, place a Cat burglar (Nami) and make sure to level her top path to Level 4. Also, remember to place it near the first unit.

Anime Crossover Defense Cat Burglar
Keep an eye out on the range, it usually gets bigger when you upgrade!

Afterward, you’ll want to place another Cat Burglar near the first unit. Make sure that it is upgraded to Top Path Level 3 and that the first unit is the only one within range.

If done correctly, both units will buff the first unit together, stacking the buffs and giving it huge bonuses!

Anime Crossover Defense Buff Stacking
Make sure the buff units don’t buff each other!

As you can tell you can do this with other units as well. Using units like Bob (Steve) or Curly Brows (Sanji) and making sure their range only touches the first unit will lead to insane stats! You can even reach millions in damage with the right placement.

Just make sure that the units ONLY buff the first unit, and you can stack as many buffs as you can! That’s how you can buff stack in Anime Crossover Defense. Now, go out there and try it out yourself! Need some gold in the game? Check out our guide on How To Get The Most Gold Per Stage for more details!


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