Anime Dungeon Fighters: Best Fruit Tier List

What are the best (and worst) fruits in the game right now?

Anime Dungeon Fighters is a dungeon crawler on Roblox wherein you have to collect all sorts of weapons, armor, accessories, and even fruits to level up and grow stronger. There are a handful of fruits to choose from in the game, and in this tier list, we’ll try to rank them from best to worst!

Best Fruit Tier List

As of writing this, there are only a few fruits in the game right now, and while they can all be viable in the right hands, some are just straight up better than others.

Before we begin, it should be noted that this is purely based on the opinions of players, and future updates or new fruits may change things over time. Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Anime Dungeon Fighters tier list showing all of the current fruits in the game


The fruits in the highest tier are, as you would expect, generally considered to be some of the best ones to use at the moment. Unfortunately, they are also extremely rare, so rolling for them may be difficult.

  • Love Fruit – A ranged fruit with a lot of area of effect damage dealing potential. Really good for clearing mobs.
  • Darklord Fruit – Has great damage dealing capabilities and an ultimate that lets you summon a powerful companion.


This category only has one fruit in it, but it is also pretty good and may be close to being on par with the ones above it.

  • Light Fruit – Despite having great area of effect potential, it has some fairly odd animations and limited range.


These fruits are not really bad, but they are not exactly great either. They can be good if you roll them, but you can still do much better if you have the means to keep rerolling.

  • Fox Fruit – A very fast and mobile ability set that is only hindered by its limited range.
  • Buddha Fruit – Pretty average in terms of damage dealing, though it is pretty flashy.
  • Spike Fruit – Has okay area of effect skills with slow or lackluster animations. Spike Roll is pretty fun to use, though.
Anime Dungeon Fighters player using the spike roll ability


These fruits are very niche and may be decent if you have no other options, otherwise, you should definitely try to reroll for better ones as soon as you can.

  • Inspire Fruit – This fruit merely provides buffs to any allies within range. It is pretty useless outside of being used in a party during an endgame instance.
  • Ice Fruit – Ice is okay to have as a starter, but you will quickly realize that it is not that good once you get exposed to the better fruits.


This tier only has one fruit in it, and it is basically the worst one you can get. Fortunately, it is also extremely common and you won’t feel bad rerolling out of it.

  • Sand Fruit – There isn’t much to say about it aside from the fact that it is a melee-centric fruit with some very underwhelming abilities.
Anime Dungeon Fighters player using a sand fruit ability

And that concludes this tier list for all of the fruits currently implemented in the game, with more likely coming in future updates. While you’re here, consider checking out our guide on how to level up fast in Anime Dungeon Fighters!


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