Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Become A Villain Guide

I’m not a villain. I’m just a broken character.

Feeling tired of helping citizens that are threatened by evil in Anime Fighting Simulator X? Are you not receiving the recognition that you deserved as a Hero? Then maybe it’s time to become the Villain. It’s time to show your true power as a villain and bring terror among the heroes.

In this article, I will show you how to become a Villain. However, the only method for becoming a villain is by resetting your reputation. This will be irreversible.

How To Become A Villain in AFSX

If your character is already a Hero in AFSX, the only method to become a Villain is to reset your reputation. Follow the steps below if you want to convert your character from Hero to Villain. Keep in mind that once you reset, there is no refund for your lost reputation.

  1. Reputation Board – Go to the spawn area of the game and look for the Reputation Board as shown in the picture below. Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Become A Villain Guide
  2. Reset Your Reputation – Talk to the NPC next to the board to reset your reputation. It will cost 5,000 Chikara to reset.
  3. Volcano Island – Head to the Volcano Island. The Island looks like your typical Villain’s lair. On the side of the island is a white platform with a door. Check the picture below to see the exact location.
  4. Talk To Won – Behind the doors is the bar of the villains. Inside the other room is Won, the leader of the Villain in AFSX. He will give you a quest to become a certified Villain. Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Become A Villain Guide
  5. Villain Initiation – Complete the intense training and head back to Won. Look for training grounds to speed up your training. I recommend going to North King’s Planet to train faster. Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Become A Villain Guide
  6. Certified Villain – Once you complete the intense training, head back to Won to become a true Villain.

You’re now a true Villain and you can now take up Villain missions from different NPC. Garo and Dio are the villains found inside the bar on Volcano Island. You can take quests from them and start your villainous journey. I only recommend converting into a Villain if you want to try a new set of missions.

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