Anime Force Simulator: How To Unlock The New 6X Energy Area

Energy Gain x6!!!

Anime Force Simulator: How To Unlock The New 6X Energy Area Featured Image

There’s currently a 6X energy area event going on in Anime Force Simulator which is accessible for everyone. But the event only lasts for 48 hours! Don’t miss out and check out how you can go there as well to grind for Energy. Check out this guide to learn the steps to unlocking this secret area!

How To Unlock The New 6X Energy Area

There are four levers that you must flick in order to reveal the hidden area. You can find the first lever in the left of the Divine Machine, up this hill behind one of the trees. Flick or keep this lever up by clicking on it.

First Lever

First Lever

The second lever is behind the shop area. There’s a small park with four benches and one of the levers is behind them. Pull or keep the lever down.

Second Lever

The third lever is at the end of this path. Turn left and on the second building should be your third lever and you must keep the lever down.

Third Lever

The final fourth lever is behind this red tent near the city center. Refer to the screenshot below for where exactly it is. You must keep the lever up.

Once you’ve got them all solved, the secret 6X area will be revealed.

Fourth Lever

The hidden area is near the shop. From where Divine Shards and Parchment Token NPCs are, look to your left up the hill. There you can see a big doorway leading to a small, circular 6x area. In here, your energy gain is multiplied by 6.

Anime Force Simulator 6X Energy Area

Don’t miss out on this energy grinding event in Anime Force Simulator! If you’re interested in joining tournaments in the game, how about you check this guide on how to join tournaments in Anime Fighting Simulator X!

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