Anime Force Simulator – How To Get All 4 New Stones

You need to grow some stones!

Anime Force Simulator has just come out with some exciting new updates. One of these is the New Universe location. Fans can now have a new experience exploring the Virtual City!

However, to get access to the New Universe, you must first get 4 new stones. The portal looks really beautiful, and you will want to get exploring as soon as possible. In this guide, we will show you how you can get all 4 new stones and get to experiencing the new update!

How To Get All 4 New Stones

Getting all 4 stones will require a great deal of moving around, resources and fighting bosses. This is why we recommend that you try to be equipped with the best items.

You may also need to grind coins and energy a lot if you are a free-to-play player for the journey ahead. Here are the steps to follow to get all 4 new stones.

  1. The Yellow stone is located on Piece Island. You will need to go to Global Quests and complete the Kaudo Mission. This requires you to beat the Kaudo boss 100 times.
  2. The Blue stone is located on Hunter Island. Go to the boss area and climb into the treehouse on the left. Purchase the stone from Ruiv Rock for 250 artifact fragments.
  3. The Green stone is located on Dragon Island. Go to the Merge Forge and provide them with all the 6 missing Dragon Spheres. This will allow you to merge the stone.
  4. The Red Stone is located in Defense Mode on Hunter Island. You will need to complete Defense Wave 60 to obtain the stone.

Detailed Breakdown

Yellow Stone

The Yellow Stone can be obtained from Piece Island. Go to the Global Quests table and interact with it. This will show you a bunch of available missions. Select the Kaudo Mission and you will see the rewards will be a Yellow Stone, alongside other requirements.

Global Quests Menu in Anime Force Simulator.

For this mission, you will need to defeat 100 Kaudo’s. The Kaudo boss is located on the same island nearby. Simply turn back from the table, turn right and walk all the way ahead across the island. You will see an area with floating icebergs, at the end of which you’ll find him.

Directions to Kaudo Boss on Piece Island in Anime Force Simulator.

Before approaching the Kaudo boss, you should know that he is quite tanky with a lot of HP. This is quite a lot of HP for a free-to-player to manage.

So, make sure to grind energy so that you can defeat the boss easily. We even recommend defeating him with a team or joining in on a battle if you see someone fighting him.

Defeat him 100 times and you should get the Yellow Stone by completing the Kaudo Mission.

Kaudo Boss in Anime Force Simulator.

Blue Stone

To get the Blue Stone, you will have to travel to Hunter Island. Once you reach the island, you will want to go as straight ahead as possible. This will allow you to reach the other end of the island to where the boss arena is, shown below.

House in Tree Marked near Boss Arena on Hunter Island.

Don’t worry, we will not be battling the boss here. Instead, you should focus your attention on the house in the tree on the left. You will need to climb this tree and enter the house. 

This may feel a little awkward, but don’t worry! Just keep trying and you should be able to get in.

Climbing House on Tree in Anime Force Simulator.

Once you enter the house, you will find yourself in a reception-like interior. There will be a lady standing behind a desk by the name of Ruiv Rock. Interact with her and you will see that she is selling the Blue Stone for 250 artifact fragments

You can get artifact fragments by defeating the Kaido boss. Luckily, you will have already defeated him plenty of times when getting the Yellow Stone. Once you have the necessary artifact fragments. purchase the Blue Stone from Ruiv Rock.

Ruiv Rock in Anime Force Simulator.

Green Stone

The Green Stone can be found on Dragon Island. When you reach the island, go up to the Merge Forge. You should be able to see it quite easily when you are there.

Merge Forge on Dragon Island in Anime Force Simulator.

Interact with the Merge Forge, and a menu will pop up. On the right, you will see that you can obtain the Green Rock by merging 6 Dragon Spheres. To obtain the Dragon Spheres, check out this guide which will show you how to get all the items in Anime Force Simulator

Once you have the Dragon Spheres, select the Merge option to get the Green Stone.

Merge Forge Menu in Anime Force Simulator.

Red Stone

The Red Stone can be found in Defense Mode on Hunter Island. When you reach the island, enter the Defense Mode which will activate the waves. Make sure you have grinded enough energy so that you are able to handle all these waves, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

Defense Mode Entrance in Anime Force Simulator.

Initially, you needed to reach Wave 70 to unlock the red stone. However, after some complaints from free-to-play players, this requirement was lowered to Wave 60. When you reach Wave 60, you will be able to receive the Red Rock.

Wave 70 on Defense Mode in Anime Force Simulator

Activate the New Universe Portal

Now that you have all 4 stones, you will need to go to the New Universe portal and activate it. The portal is located on Piece Island. When you reach the island, walk up the path which led you to the Kaudo Boss you defeated for the yellow stone. 

However, instead of jumping on the ice, you should turn to the right. You will see a mysterious portal there with a green ??? symbol on it.

Mysterious Portal on Piece Island in Anime Force Simulator.

Enter the portal and you will find yourself on a fancy marble bridge. At the end of the bridge, there will be a portal which will have the shapes of the missing stones hovering over it. Add the four new stones to the portal and it will activate. 

You will now be able to visit the new Virtual City!

Activated Virtual City Portal in Anime Force Simulator.

And there it is! You now know how to collect all 4 stones and jump into the new Virtual City Universe. in Anime Force Simulator. Have fun exploring the new area and see what new wonders and enemies there are to behold!

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