Anime Last Stand: 10 Must Have Units + Tips & Tricks

Maximize your chances of success with these tips!

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense game on Roblox that involves a whole lot of luck and grinding in order to actually succeed. Since you have to summon units of varying rarities, it can be hard to figure out which ones you should be gunning for. In this guide, we’ll show you just who the current best units are!

10 Must Have Units + Tips & Tricks

Aside from their rarity, there are many other variables that dictate how good a unit is. Techniques can also make a mediocre unit pretty strong.

With that in mind, based on raw power alone, these are the 10 must have units (not ordered):

  • #1. Flame Alchemist (Celestial) – This unit is considered to be one of the best damage dealers in the game, especially due to his additional burn.
  • #2. Black Swordsman (Celestial) – A very well-rounded character that some believe is the strongest unit at the moment. Can also inflict bleed.
  • #3. Dark Captain (Mythic) – Great for farming and can inflict slow, making him a pretty useful unit to have in general.
  • #4. Speedcart (Mythic) – The best money generator in the game right now, especially when fully upgraded.
  • #5. Idol (Celestial) – The only unit in the game that can buff other towers at the moment.
  • #6. Baldy (Celestial) – This unit has a very long range and high area of effect potential, making it a good damage option.
  • #7. Strongest Sorcerer (Mythic) – Incredibly good utility due to his ability to stun.
  • #8. Kon (Celestial) – Despite his very slow attack speed, he has an incredibly useful slow or cripple ability.
  • #9. Worlds Strongest (Mythic) – Great area of effect damage dealer, but his downside is that he has a very low range.
  • #10. Curse King (Mythic) – Relatively strong unit, and likely one of the best with his recent evolution. Check out our guide on Evolved Sukuna to learn more about this.
Anime Last Stand gameplay with some of the recommended towers placed on the field

Additional Tips

In addition to the best units mentioned above, you can also utilize Riku (Epic) as a relatively cheap crowd control unit due to its freeze ability.

Illusionist is also a good alternative, and we have a build guide for Itachi that you can check out if you want to learn more about this unit.

Anime Last Stand illusionist unit details with the overlord technique equipped

And those are all of the best units out in Anime Last Stand right now, as well as a couple of honorable mentions that have some slightly niche uses. Check out our beginner’s guide for Anime Last Stand as well if you’re a new player trying this game out for the first time!


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