Anime Last Stand: Demigod Itachi Guide & Showcase

“Even the strongest of opponents always has a weakness.” …unless you’re a Demigod!

Anime Last Stand seems to be a promising tower defense Roblox game that brings many of the iconic characters that fans will be familiar with. With so many units to choose from, you may be wondering which one you should go for. After all, you can Roll so many Techniques to accompany units and make powerful combinations.

One such combination we highly recommend is Demigod Itachi (Illusionist). In this guide, we will show you how you can make your Itachi into a Demigod, and also showcase what makes him so powerful. Let’s get into the guide!

Demigod Itachi Guide & Showcase

If you want to get Demigod Itachi (Illusionist) in Anime Last Stand, you will need to do the following:

  • Roll Summons until you get Illusionist
  • Roll Techniques until you get Demi God for Illusionist.

We’ll also be looking at stats, moves, abilities and other aspects of Demigod when he is in battle. So, make sure you stay tuned for the showcase! Also, keep in mind that some stats may differ for you, depending on your level.

Getting Demigod for Itachi

Starting off, we’ll be looking at how you can get Demi God for Itachi (Illusionist). If you’re not familiar, Demi God is one of the many Techniques that you can get for your units. Each Technique adds certain stat boosts and debuffs to your unit.

Additionally, each type of Technique will vary in Rarity and Drop Rates. The better Techniques, like Demi God, have a very low Drop Rate, meaning you’ll have to test your luck a few times. The Demi God Techniques only has a 1% Chance to drop.

Demi God Technique Index in Anime Last Stand.

You can easily Roll for Techniques after you get Itachi (Illusionist) by going to the Techniques area found in the Lobby.

The Demi God Technique provides the following Stats to your unit in Anime Last Stand:

  • +20% Damage
  • +10% Range
  • -5% SPA.
Demi God and Illusionist Reroll in Anime Last Stand.

Before you start Rolling Techniques, you will need to get Itachi (Illusionist). You will need to Roll for him too by going to the Summons area in the lobby. As before, this will also depend on your luck, for which you will need a lot of Gems or Emeralds. He’s a Mythic, which means he’ll have a low chance to drop.

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Summon Menu in Anime Last Stand.

Demigod Itachi Showcase

Now that you know how to get Demigod Itachi (Illusionist), it is time to see what makes him stand out. As you’ll see, he’s an incredibly powerful unit that will help you just blaze through enemies with ease when playing Anime Last Stand. But he also does have his drawbacks.

Illusionist Unit in Anime Last Stand.

Demigod Itachi Range

Starting off, Demigod Itachi has a large range that practically covers the whole battlefield. So, you won’t really have to worry about placing him very specifically, which will help you quite a lot.

In fact, it’s so big that you can barely see his range after zooming out fully for this showcase! It’ll also slightly get bigger as you upgrade him, after placing him.

Demigod Itachi Range in Anime Last Stand.

Demigod Itachi Stats and Ability Unlock

Once you place Demigod Itachi on the battlefield, he’ll start off at the lowest Upgrade Level. But even then, he starts off with a whopping 4.69k Damage, without any Upgrades. As the game progresses, you can upgrade to take his Damage to absolutely insane levels.

Next, we’ll show a breakdown of how Demigod Itachi Stats change as you Upgrade him. Keep in mind that the stats shown are for when he is at Level 24. These stats are already incredibly really powerful considering his level and will only improve as his level increases.

Placement Stats for Demigod Itachi in Anime Last Stand.

Here is the breakdown for Stats as you upgrade Demigod Itachi in Anime Last Stand:

  • Upgrade 0/6
    • Damage: 4.69k
    • Range: 44
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
  • Upgrade 1/6
    • Damage: 9.49k
    • Range: 44
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
  • Upgrade 2/6
    • Damage: 10.6k
    • Range: 44
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s.
  • Upgrade 3/6
    • Damage: 12.2k
    • Range: 46.2
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
  • Upgrade 4/6
    • Damage: 13.8k
    • Range: 46.2
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
  • Upgrade 5/6
    • Damage: 16.0k
    • Range: 46.2
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
  • Upgrade 6/6 (MAX)
    • Damage: 18.5k
    • Range: 46.2
    • Seconds Per Attack (SPA): 5.7s
    • New Ability: Burning Gaze.

At the final Upgrade Level, he will unlock the Burning Gaze ability. This ability has a cooldown of 180s and further adds to the already ridiculous stats he has. At Normal Difficulty, you can easily finish off bosses in seconds.

It’s why you absolutely must have him in your Team!

Burning Gaze Ability in Anime Last Stand.

Demigod Itachi Attack Pattern

Demigod Itachi also has a cone shaped attack pattern which surprisingly covers a lot of ground. In fact, you can almost consider it an AoE, and it only increases as you Upgrade him. So, not only are you getting amazing damage, but you are also getting a lot of it!

So, we recommend that you place him at angles where you are facing enemies coming into him. That way, you can get the most out of his attacks when playing Anime Last Stand!

Demigod Itachi Attack Pattern in Anime Last Stand.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback to Demigod Itachi. It’s the fact that he cannot attack Air Units at all. As a result, you will need to bring other units that will be able to counter Air Units.

But besides that one drawback, he is easily one of the best units you can have in Anime Last Stand right now!

Air Units passing by Demigod Itachi in Anime Last Stand.

That’s everything you need to know about the Demigod Itachi guide for Anime Last Stand. An incredibly powerful unit that will help you decimate any enemy that comes in the way. While it may be difficult to Roll for Itachi and his Demi God Technique, the effort will be worth it!

If you’re interested in Anime Last Stand Codes, make sure to check out our dedicated article for that topic as well. We update it daily!


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