Anime Last Stand: All Mythics Guide & Showcase (Sukuna, Yami, Whitebeard, Speedwagon & Yamamoto)

Make sure you go for the character that you need the most!

Anime Last Stand: All Mythics Guide & Showcase (Sukuna, Yami, Whitebeard, Speedwagon & Yamamoto)

In Anime Last Stand, you’ll be collecting many different Anime Hero Units and going on Tower Defense Missions. There are multiple units in the game you can choose from, and they all range in terms of rarity. With Mythics being the rarest units in the game, you’ll ideally want them.

The game is always adding more new units to the existing pool of characters. With new characters added, the gameplay is going to be more diverse. In this guide, we will show you the new 5 Mythic characters, which are Sukuna, Yami, Whitebeard, Speedwagon & Yamamoto in Anime Last Stand.

All Mythics Guide & Showcase (Sukuna, Yami, Whitebeard, Speedwagon & Yamamoto)

Before you get started, here is a brief comparison of the mythic towers in Anime Last Stand.

  • Sukuna: Overall, this is a great DPS tower that is good for many different purposes. If you are looking for an all-rounder unit, consider getting Sukuna.
  • Speedwagon: Speedwagon is a farm Unit that is useful for income generation. You should prioritize getting other units if you already have a farm unit. If you don’t, then you should get Speedwagon.
  • Yami: Yami is a Slow DPS Unit with AoE damage effects.
  • Whitebeard: Whitebeard is a full AoE character with Hybrid damage.
  • Yamamoto: A long-range character that you can use to hit multiple enemies from afar, and apply the burning effects.

Keep in mind that all of these units have a placement limit of 4.

SIDE NOTE: If you’d like to learn more about the game, make sure to check out our complete beginners guide for Anime Last Stand. It’s a pretty good read!


Speedwagon (Speedcart) is a farm unit that can reach up to 15.5k Coins Generated at the last upgrade. If you do not have a good farm unit yet, you can consider getting this character. You can place this unit up to 2 times.

Farm Towers are essential support towers that help you level up units that require a lot of coins to upgrade. If you know how to use the tower correctly, you can complete the end-game content very easily.

Anime Last Stand Speedwagon


Sukuna is an overall great DPS character with a placement limit of 4. Sukuna can apply the bleed effect, which is great for defeating enemies.

At the early levels, his AoE range may be a little bit smaller. Once you have enough coins to upgrade Sukuna, the AoE damage range becomes much larger.

Out of the 5 characters in the list, you should consider getting this unit first if you do not have a good Tower that you can use for damage.

Anime Last Stand Sukuna


Whitebeard is a Hybrid (at max level), AoE attack character that you can use. Whitebeard has a placement limit of 4.

The tower has its full range at level 1, and will not expand with any further upgrades. The only things that will increase are your damage, attack speed, and cooldowns.

This tower deals more damage than Sukuna (more than 10k at around 43.3k damage), however, it doesn’t have any special passives or effects. Overall, this is a decent DPS Hybrid unit you’ll want to have.

Anime Last Stand Whitebeard


Yami is also another decent DPS character that you can use. The unit provides a slow effect with high damage that can help you eliminate groups of enemies. At max level, you can have up to 47.1k Damage on your attacks.

Anime Last Stand Yami


Yamamoto is a great unit for the burn effect and completing the Story contents. If you are struggling with Story content, you’ll want to roll for this character.

In the future, this unit will be reworked so you should wait for a while to see if the unit is going to be good before getting it.

Yamamoto has the most range out of all the 5 Mythic characters in this list. The attacks of the Tower deal damage to all the enemies it passes through, making it great for straight lanes.

Anime Last Stand Yamamoto

Those are the 5 New Mythic characters in Anime Last Stand. These are all useful and powerful units that you can use in your games. A Tower can be better than other Towers, but the difference isn’t very significant. This means that you can go with any units you like!

Do not worry if you do not have the Emeralds to pull for them, how about taking a look at all the current working codes in Anime Last Stand? Redeeming all of them can really help you earn the Emeralds and pull for the characters!


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