Anime Last Stand: Best Skill Tree To Use & Easy AFK Method To Max Kills

Get your kills while saving time!

Anime Last Stand: Best Skill Tree To Use & Easy AFK Method To Max Kills

Skills trees are integral in Anime Last Stand which can change how well your character perform and in particular, if you want to do AFK for kills. This is a pretty easy setup that you can do with most characters. And you need those kills to earn skill points.

We’ll show how you can apply this method to most characters and hopefully, save your time to grind them out.

Best Skill Tree To Use & Easy AFK Method To Max Kills

The skill tree is currently leaning towards Devastation Mastery. The current meta is decent damage with SPA reduced. The exact best skill tree to go for is as below:

Skill Tree guide for Anime Last Stand.

DPS Skill Tree: Empower I > Shatter I > Speedy II > Enlightened Speedster > Critical II > Empower III > Shatter II > Devastation Mastery – Total damage boost: 89%, total SPA reduced 27%.

If you’re working with a Support character, then you can switch up the first two Empower I and Shatter I with Vision I instead.

Aside from the Skill Tree, it’ll also do you well to learn about the Talent Tree as well. We’ll show you about it here!

How to AFK for Kills

To AFK kills, you need a macro program like TinyTask which records your actions and repeat them as many times or as long as you need it to. If you’re unfamiliar, check under the Prefs to see what your keys for recording and playback are.

This method works best on Normal mode. Nightmare mode is too hard and will need more than just spamming upgrade on one unit to clear.

Setting up AFK kills for Anime Last Stand.

Once you press Rec, the application will begin recording your mouse and keyboard actions. So here’s how you should record:

  1. Press [unit number] and place it as many as you want.
  2. Click on unit and spam upgrade button 3-4 times.
  3. You can add other expensive units to the repertoire if they’re expensive and you don’t plan to wait for the cash to be enough to add them.

One might argue if it’s worth doing this with Yuta, but with the right setup, you can essentially give this a try with most characters in the game! And that’s how you set yourself up for the AFK kills in Anime Last Stand. Good luck!


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