Gray Zone Warfare: Lost Girl Task Guide

Help Gunny find the missing girl from Tiger Bay Motel.

As the name suggests, the Lost Girl quest in Gray Zone Warfare has you looking for a missing girl. Gunny gives you this quest and talks about a girl who used to stay at the Tiger Bay Motel. It’s up to you to uncover what happened to her, and whether or not she’s alive. I’ll tell you how to do the Lost Girl quest in this guide.

How To Do Lost Girl Quest

Look for the massive mall near the Tiger Bay Motel. This is on the far southeast side of the map. I’ll talk about the details below.

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Tiger Bay Motel

The mall can be found here (pictured below). Use this mall as a landmark and head to the bottom right of 129, 199 on the map. This is the restaurant you need to go to accomplish this mission.

This mall is a landmark you can use.

This is a well-guarded area so be prepared to fight. Clear the area and kill all the guards to prevent any hindrances while you explore the area. As long as you have enough ammo, you’ll be fine.

Clear the surrounding areas.

After clearing the area, head to this building and enter through the right most door.

Enter this building through this door.

On the table right at the entrance, you will find plans. Pick these up and head back to base to finish this mission and proceed to the next part.

Take the plans from this desk.

This is a relatively easy mission, but the fight can be challenging to some players.; however, the quest does reward you with 1x AMP-1 TP MC, 6,500 USD, 2000 EXP, and 200 Reputation with Gunny. Needless to say, this sums up how to do the Lost Girl Mission in Gray Zone Warfare. If you need more help with the other tasks in the game, here’s a guide on how to do the Lost Girl II Tasks as well as the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Task.


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