Anime Last Stand: Best Units Tier List (Update 1)

Make your last stand epic with the best units in the game.

Anime Last Stand is a Roblox tower defense game that brings together several popular anime franchises together. One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Bleach, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Jujutsu Kaisen and more. Recently, the game has received their first ever update that adds more units into the game, as well as making changes to already existing units.

With that information, does that mean that some units are nerfed? Or are some units buffed? In this updated tier list for Anime Last Stand, we will take a look and see if this update changes a lot of things in the game.

Best Units Tier List

Thanks to the recent Update 1, things have changed for the game. Not only are there new additions like the brand-new Evo Gojo and Six Eyes units, but there are also some buffs and nerfs that may change the rankings from our previous tier list. To find out if things have changed, we have a brand-new tier list here that is updated for Update 1.

Before we start, please bear in mind that this updated tier list is 100% opinionated. It is not meant to be taken in a factual manner, as we understand that differing opinions exist. This is just based off of the opinions of the community as a whole after playing with the update for quite some time.

Tier list after update 1 in Anime Last Stand.

S Tier

  • Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked) – The highlight of update 1, the Unmasked variant of Strongest Sorcerer is quite possibly the most busted unit in the game, dealing so much damage that it’s not even challenging anymore.
  • Speedcart – Speedcart is a meta farm unit, mostly used to farm money. Money is an important resource if you want to purchase things or upgrade characters, so having a character that can farm a ton of money in a short time is good to have.
  • Idol – Despite being nerfed in the game, Idol is still one of the best support units in the game, like her damage buff skill.
  • Baldy (Bored) – Baldy, like his official counterpart, is a great unit to deal massive damage to anyone in the game.
  • Black Swordman – The Black Swordsman himself, he is easily one of the best DPS units in the game.
  • Flame Alchemist – Flame Alchemist can do massive flame damage to a group of enemies with his skills, making him a great crowd control unit.
  • Six Eyes – The newest addition to the game, Six Eyes (or Sukuna Evo) is a great DPS unit. However, he is not the best, as there are other units that can do what he can but better. But he is a great unit to have if you can get him.
  • Illusionist – Illusionist is a meta for Infinite Mode thanks to his powerful skills and attacks.
  • Riku – Riku is one of the best meta support units in the game, thanks to her buffs.
  • Dark Captain – Dark Captain is a good S Tier unit that can deal damage and survive attacks.

A Tier

  • Strongest Sorcerer – Used to be an S Tier unit, Strongest Sorcerer has been bumped down to A Tier thanks to the addition of his Unmasked variant. That doesn’t mean he’s bad, it just mean a better unit is taking his place.
  • Ulmiorra – Ulmiorra used to be an S Tier unit, but thanks to the update, he has been nerfed to the point where he is now A Tier. He is still a great unit to use in Story Mode and Infinite Mode, but just not as efficient as he once was.
  • Zuffy (Timeskip) – Zuffy is a great support unit for DPS units, allowing him to ensure that your units remain on the battle for as long as possible. Not only that, but he can deal a fair amount of damage.
  • Lightning Swordman – Similar to Zuffy, Lightning Swordsman is also a great support unit. Except in his case, he has better defense.
  • Kon (Adult) – Kon is a great DPS unit as he can dish out amazing damage without having to rely on support units.

B Tier

  • Pride (Night) – Pride is the best B Tier unit because he can get the job done in Story Mode, but not in Infinite Mode. You can blitz through Story Mode with Pride, but you might struggle a bit when in Infinite Mode.
  • Worlds Strongest (Old) – Worlds Strongest is a great unit for Story Mode, as he can deal a ton of damage when fighting against enemy units in Story Mode.
  • Captain Commander – Same with Worlds Strongest, Captain Commander can be a beast when used in Story Mode.
  • Curse King (Suppressed) – Curse King is a great unit to have if you need to deal a ton of damage.
  • Gogeta (Primal) – Gogeta is another unit that used to be a great unit, but thanks to the update, he has been severely nerfed. What was once a great unit is now a shadow of his former self. Still good, just not what he once was.
  • Vegeta (Super) – Vegeta is a great unit if you need some hard hitting characters. However, he’s not very good for Infinite Mode.

C Tier

  • Uriu – Uriu has some great range and DPS, but suffers from having weak defenses that can take him out if he isn’t being assisted.
  • Boku (SS) – Despite being the strongest in Dragon Ball Z, Boku isn’t all that great here in Anime Last Stand. While he does offer great DPS, his defense makes him so weak that he can get taken out easily, which is essentially a glass cannon.
  • Burning Hero – A great DPS unit to use when you are just starting out. But as time goes on, Burning Hero can barely catch up. By endgame, he is very weak compared to the other heroes. Still usable, but not recommended.
  • Noble Captain – Noble Captain is a good unit to have if you are just starting out. But as you progress through the game, he can barely catch up to the other units, leaving him pretty useless by the time endgame is reached.

D Tier

  • Namek Warrior – Namek Warrior is not the worst of out of those in D Tier, but compared to the other units above, there’s really no reason to have this unit.
  • Grimjaw – Same with Namek Warrior, Grimjaw is very weak and considered as just a total waste of time in the game.
  • Wind Pillar – Despite trying to be buffed multiple times, Wind Pillar remains as one of the worst units in the game. He is slow, weak, and has the worst defenses in the game.
  • Knight King – While being a new unit to the game, Knight King is actually a very busted character that can deal a ton of damage. However, the devs have made it clear that they are planning on nerfing her in a future update, which leaves her fate as a character in the D Tier due to potential nerfing.

That’s all you need to know about the updated tier list for Anime Last Stand. Did this tier list help you understand which units you need to avoid for now? Let us know in the comments below.

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