Anime Last Stand: Best Units Tier List (Update 6.5)

New update, new tier list.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game featuring popular and iconic anime characters featured all across history. You can find anime characters from old franchises like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and more. But that doesn’t mean that the newer Animes don’t make it as you can find characters from One Punch Man, Jujutsu Kaizen, and the brand new Solo Leveling anime that’s taken over the anime world by storm. If you want to see the best units for this update 6.5, then you have come to the right place. Check out this updated tier list for Anime Last Stand.

Best Units Tier List

6.5 update tier list for Anime Last Stand.

The game has a ton of units to use in the game, so it’s pretty hard to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad. Luckily, I can help you with that. But before we start, please remember that this tier list is 100% opinionated. Do not expect this tier list to be factual. This tier list is made with the opinions of the community itself. Without further ado, here is the tier list:

S Tier

  • Red Pirate – The king of kings. Red Pirate (Young) may be weaker, but Red Pirate is a different story. A good unit with good stats all around.
  • Baldy (Serious) – The evo version of Baldy (Bored). Now that Baldy is more serious, his attacks and skills all do massive damage while having great AoE.
  • Green Esper – Another powerful unit that can absolutely dominate the battlefield with her attacks and AoE.
  • Gas (Hunter) – The evo version of Gas. A fantastic unit that can deal out damage.
  • Cha Hae-In – One of the newest units to arrive with the update. A secret unit that can be obtained in the banner and rightly so as she is incredibly powerful.
  • Strongest Alien – Baldy’s first real opponent, Strongest Alien is a powerful enough unit to give Baldy a challenge thanks to his power and stats.
  • Red Admiral (War) – The evo version of Red Admiral. This version is able to annihilate anything in the battlefield.
  • Animated Crow – The evo version of Illusionist. A much more powerful version of the base unit, able to do so much more DPS at a wider AoE.

A Tier

  • Heavenly Chad – A more powerful version of Gigachad. This evolved form gives Heavenly Chad more power in his attacks and stats.
  • Fused Warrior (Super) – The evolved version of Fused Warrior. Not much is to say about this unit except that his stats and attacks are even more powerful than before.
  • Golden Admiral (War) – The evolved version of Golden Admiral. Just like Red Admiral, Golden Admiral is much more powerful evolved. Not as powerful as Golden Admiral, but enough to give the enemies a run for their money.
  • Sorcerer Killer – A great unit to have if you are looking for more DPS units.
  • Black Swordsman – Black Swordsman is still a powerful character in the game. Great DPS, great range, and great AoE.
  • Gerp (Canon) – The evolved version of Gerp. Gerp (Canon) is just using his full strength this time, which means he’s going to be doing so much damage, his DPS counter might break.
  • Metal Knight – A tanky unit that can take damage without any problems. While not doing well in the DPS department, he can still take a beating to give your other units more time to upgrade.
  • Bobak – A strong character that is sadly not available to get anymore. But if you do have him, use him. He’s surprisingly strong.
  • Ichigo – A great DPS unit, but his shortcomings with his AoE puts him down a tier.
  • Curse King – The evo of Curse King (Suppressed). A powerful unit that can do great damage against enemies.
  • Light Admiral (War) – Evo version of Light Admiral. A good and solid tank unit.
  • Blue Admiral (War) – Evo version of Blue Admiral. Has great AoE.
  • Cursed Child – Powerful unit with the ability to have long range AoE attacks.
  • Meteor Guard – A good DPS with solid AoE and range. Nothing special to write about this unit except for how well balanced he is.

B Tier

  • Mesh – A mediocre unit. The strongest of the bunch in B tier, but not really special in any other way.
  • Super Robot 12 – Evo version of Robot 12. Just stronger stats all in all.
  • Boat – A good support character if you need one.
  • Lighting Queen – Has great AoE attacks, just not good damage. She can at least stun them.
  • Jenos (Evolved) – The evo version of Jenos. His evolved version makes him a powerhouse with his AoE attacks, but his DPS suffers.
  • The Squad – The evo version of The Trio.
  • Fallen One – Has great range and DPS, suffers from bad AoE.
  • Red Dragon Empress – Can deal large damage with AoE attacks.
  • Fused Warrior – The fusion of Boku and Vagata. Definitely stronger than both Boku and Vagata, but not as strong as his evo form.
  • Shiny Wish Dragon – The base version of Wish Dragon Evo. Mostly used for support, which is much better than Wish Dragon Evo.
  • Wish Dragon Evo – The evo version of Shiny Wish Dragon. Even though it’s an evo, it’s still not as good as when Shiny Wish Dragon was a support.
  • Flame Alchemist – A great healer if you don’t have one. While there are better healers on the list, Flame Alchemist can still get the job done.
  • Strongest Sorcerer (Maskless) – The evo version of Strongest Sorcerer. While evolved, he is still better than base. However, he’s still not better than other units like him. The only thing that really helps him be up so high is because of his Domain Expansion.
  • 9 Tails – A powerful unit that deals major damage. It’s just the downside is that he’s really slow.
  • Knight King – A unit that was sadly nerfed this update. Not as bad as the other characters, but enough for players to drop her and use other units.
  • Boku (Ultimate) – The strongest version of Boku, yet not strong enough to reach the higher tiers.
  • Lovely Arrancar – A fast and quick attacker with good DPS. Don’t expect wide range of AoE attacks though.
  • Ice Ice Baby – A relatively good unit with good DPS.
  • Guitar Hero – A unit that is no longer obtainable at the moment. But he’s still a decent unit to have.
  • Gigachad – Gigachad is a strong unit with nothing special about it.
  • Kon (Adult) – Slightly nerfed, but not enough to make him useless. He still has decent DPS and good AoE, just don’t expect him to do any better than he did before.
  • Baldy (Bored) – The base version of Baldy (Serious). Like his name in the game, Baldy (Bored) isn’t putting enough effort to stand out. But he is still pretty powerful.
  • Vagata (Margin) – Just like in the anime, Vagata is still below Boku in terms of power. He has decent DPS and range, just not good AoE.
  • Red Admiral – The base version of Red Admiral. A strong unit compared to the other base versions.
  • Mad Tough – Has great range of attacks.
  • Piccolo – A powerful unit to have when you need range. Other than that, not really good elsewhere.

C Tier

  • Vesh – A range unit that attacks a little slowly for some players liking.
  • The Prodigy – The Prodigy is a unit that is pretty strong compared to other characters. However, with how weak he is, he’s more of a glass cannon. Depending on what you think about glass cannons, The Prodigy may be either A tier or D tier, which is why he’s in the middle.
  • Robot 12 – The base version of Robot 12 (Super). Despite not being evo, she’s still a strong unit to use, albeit still weaker.
  • Light Admiral – The base version of Light Admiral. The weaker version of the more powerful Light Admiral (War).
  • Red Pirate (Young) – Red Pirate’s base version. While incredibly weak, having him evo is the only thing that’s really good for him as you will get Red Pirate.
  • Garou – A slightly better version of Geezer. Not all that better, but just enough to stand out.
  • Dark Captain – The Dark Captain was once a character worth getting prior to update 6.5. But after the update, Dark Captain seems to have been nerfed to the point where he’s not the same anymore.
  • Strongest Sorcerer – The base version of Strongest Sorcerer (Maskless). Still a good unit to use due to its stunning capabilities, but still a very weak unit to use.
  • Curse King (Suppressed) – The base version of Curse King. The suppressed version is just an all around weaker version of Curse King. Still a good unit, just not worth it if you can get Curse King.
  • Salamander – A decent unit to have if you don’t have any good units. But is easily replaceable if you get better units.
  • Crimson Commander – One of the new units from this update. Has decent enough AoE to make him useful.
  • Drip Lami Evo – A rather jokey unit to have but has surprisingly great support. Though she’s not much useful anywhere else.
  • Dark Flash – The evo version of Flash. Still weak like the base version. But he is still pretty good if you need someone fast.
  • The Trio – The base version of The Squad. Despite having three characters, they’re all really weak. Not as good as having The Squad.
  • Wish Dragon – The true base version of the Wish Dragon variants. Only really good for support.
  • Gerp – A strong yet weak character compared to his evo version, Gerp (Canon).
  • Golden Admiral – The base version of Golden Admiral (War). Not useful except having to fill out a party slot.

D Tier

  • Blue Admiral – The base version of Blue Admiral (War). Incredibly weak, which is surprising as his evo is much more useful.
  • Captain Commander – A good unit for attacks and defense, but does not have enough potential to be better in harder maps, making him useless unless he’s in easier maps.
  • Worlds Strongest (Old) – Same as Captain Commander, not very good in harder maps and only useful in easier maps.
  • Illusionist – The base version of Animated Crow. A weaker version and not really worth using until you get the evo version.
  • Geezer – A decent unit to use when needed, but not all that special to talk about.
  • Swordman – A unit with decent damage, but not worth it as other units have better damage compared to Swordman. Only useful if you have no other DPS unit.
  • White Tiger – One of the newer units this update. Sadly, he’s not generally liked due to his kit.
  • Flame Emperor – One of the newest units to come in the update. Sadly, he’s not as good as the characters in the game.

E Tier

  • Top Choppa – Not a good unit to use, but still better compared to the other units below E tier.
  • Gogata (Primal) – Another fusion of Boku and Vagata. But a weaker confusion compared to Fused Warrior.
  • Drip Zami – Another jokey unit. Except she’s really useless this time.
  • Flash – Base version of Dark Flash. It’s incredibly how bad this unit is.

F Tier

  • Ulmiorra – While better than most of the characters in F tier, Ulmiorra is still a character that you should not use at all when playing this game. Just a weak unit overall.
  • Gas – The base version of Gas (Hunter). This version of Gas is extremely weak and considered a horrible unit, which is funny to think of because his evo version is top tier.
  • Kohan (Drip) – A jokey unit that remains a joke, as his stats and kit all around are so bad.
  • Misses Love – A support character but even then, she’s not good.
  • Sunwoo (Bloodlust) – One of the newest characters to come with the update. Which is sad, considering he’s one of the worst units to come out.


To save you some time, these characters are only good for one thing: Farming. Nothing else about these characters are good for anything else other than getting you resources you need to upgrade the better heroes.

  • Speedcart
  • Idol
  • Best Waifu
  • Pride (Starter)
  • Beast

That’s all you need to know on the tier list for Anime Last Stand post 6.5 update. Did this guide help you understand the hierarchy of the characters in the game? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to play more of Anime Last Stand’s newest update, then you should learn how you can get and evolve Sung Jin Woo, one of the newest characters in the game.


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