Anime Last Stand: How To Get New Secret Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra)

A strong Legendary character with great attack moves for clearing!

Anime Last Stand: How To Get New Secret Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra)

Anime Last Stand is a Roblox Tower Defense game where you’ll be summoning many different heroes. Each tower in the game has a unique skill, allowing you to form a team with towers that can work with one another. The Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) character is a Legendary Unit that you can obtain for free in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain Ulmiorra in Anime Last Stand.

How To Get New Secret Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra)

The New Secret Ulmiorra Unit is a Unit you can obtain from playing in the Story Mode. Ulmiorra is a Line AoE damage character that is great for defeating multiple enemies in a straight line.

This makes him really good in certain maps like the Desert Village (Infinite Mode). The map has a straight line that allows him to clear waves of enemies very easily.

Once you have the character, you can also go to this map to defeat enemies and level up your skill tree. Doing this is one of the fastest ways to max out skill trees for a new character you’ve obtained.

How To Get Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra)

In order to get Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra), you’ll want to complete Nightmare Hollow Act 6 in Story Modes. As you play in the mode, you will have a ~10% chance to obtain the Ulquiorra character.

The dungeon also has a chance of dropping the Ulmiorra Blade (5%) and Spear (1%). Since the character has a 10% chance to drop, you’ll be able to obtain the character quite easily.

Anime Last Stand Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) Drop

Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) Showcase

Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra)’s base attack allows you to shoot a damage wave at the enemies. This line AoE is incredibly effective for defeating groups of enemies.

You’ll want to place him at the end of the path to maximize this damage output since he will be able to hit multiple foes easily.

Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) Base Attack

After upgrading Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) to the last level, his attack will turn into a beam attack. Upon reaching his last upgrade, his damage can go up to 306k per move!

You can increase this damage output even further by placing support towers nearby. The support towers will be able to boost his damage and stats.

Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) Beam Attack

That’s how you can get the New Secret Ulmiorra (Ulquiorra) character in Anime Last Stand. After you’ve obtained the character, how about taking a look at our Tier List for Anime: Last Stand?

In this list, you will be able to see the best units, especially support units that you can use to pair with the Ulmiorra unit. You can also consider taking a look at all the other characters and putting them on the checklist of characters you want to obtain in the future!


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