Anime Last Stand: Fastest Way To Max Out Skill Tree

The best way for you to get all the kill counts!

Anime Last Stand: Fastest Way To Max Out Skill Tree

Anime Last Stand has multiple characters that you can collect as you progress. The hero towers in the game vary in terms of rarity and their unique abilities. To win more, you’ll want to find the best Legendary and Mythical characters and form a team to go on your in-game missions.

After getting your character, you can further increase their power by Fusing multiple copies of the character or completing the Skill Tree system. In this guide, we will show you a method that you can use to quickly max out your Skill Tree system and obtain all the character upgrades you need.

Fastest Way To Max Out Skill Tree

To max out skill trees in Anime Last Stand, you must use the desired units and play them in many different gamemodes, then obtain kills. There are milestones on the number of kills that you need to achieve before you can unlock a special stat upgrade.

You can go with any gamemodes you want and slowly get the upgrades. However, if you want to max out the skill tree quickly, you’ll want to choose a gamemode with the most enemies.

Skill Tree System

When you select a character, you can view their Skill Tree. Upon reaching a certain number of kills, you will be able to unlock special upgrades that increase their damage, range as well as many other useful stats.

Anime Last Stand Skill Tree

Maxing Out Skill Tree

To quickly max out your Skill Tree, you will want to play on maps that have the most enemies. The best place for you to do this is in Infinite Modes Normal Difficulty, with the best map being the Desert Village.

After that, use the character that you want to upgrade the Skill Trees on and farm. In the later stages, you can also consider placing down more units or restarting and repeating the process.

Anime Last Stand Desert Village Map

If you do not know which units to start leveling your skill trees on, consider taking a look at the 10 Must-Have Units. Once you’ve maxed out the skill tree, you will have multiple upgrades for your character and increase their power. With stronger units, you’ll now be able to play harder challenges!


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