Anime Last Stand: Overlord Evolved Sukuna Guide

Expand your roster just as easily as Sukuna expands his domain!

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense game on Roblox that is constantly updated, and one of the most recent additions to the game is Overlord Evolved Sukuna. He is apparently the first evolution that the game has released, and in this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about it!

Overlord Evolved Sukuna Guide

Obviously, you will first need to have Sukuna (aka the Curse King) in your collection in order to evolve him. Once you do, you will need to collect 12 Cursed Fingers.

To do this, you must play the game’s Challenges mode repeatedly until you get the necessary number of fingers. This can take a while, as you are not guaranteed to get one for every run.

Anime Last Stand win screen for challenge with the cursed finger drop highlighted

When you finally have enough cursed fingers, bring up your units menu and click on Curse King. The popup menu will reveal the Evolve option. Just click on that and confirm the evolution!

Anime Last Stand evolution screen showing the requirements to get the curse king

Evolved Curse King’s Capabilities

The evolved version of Curse King costs a whopping $3,500 to place on the field, but it is absolutely worth the price due to his raw power.

While his range is not too high, his attacks deal a lot of damage and can splash to hit an additional target. As you upgrade him, his range and area of effect will continue to grow.

Anime Last Stand level 8 curse king showcasing the large aoe circle

At the 12th upgrade, his attack pattern changes into a cone. In addition to dealing a ton of punishment in an area, he also inflicts bleed that will deal periodical damage over a few seconds.

He also gains an active ability called Flame Arrow at level 14. It is a cinematic attack that will deal massive area of effect damage, but it has a very long cooldown.

Anime Last Stand curse king at level 12 attacking normally

As for his skill tree, keep it simple and just focus on maxing out his critical chance and critical damage. These are the stats that this unit benefits from the most, and there aren’t really any decent alternatives.

If you have the means to reroll a lot, try to get him the Overlord technique as well. This will drastically increase his damage output and boost his crits even further.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about the new evolved version of Sukuna in Anime Last Stand. Check out our build guide on Demigod Itachi as well if you need some more units to beef up your lineup!


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