Anime Spirits: Best Way To Farm Gold Guide

Tips for gold farming in the game!

Anime Spirits: Best Way To Farm Gold Guide

Gold farm methods for Anime Spirits is perhaps one of the most asked guide because of how long it can take. But we’ve got your back and we’re showing the best methods to get gold in the game. It’s actually pretty easy and simple. No more being poor in the game!

Best Way To Farm Gold Guide

To make this method as effective as possible, we’ll share the best gears to run with: Yuta’s Awakened Sword. Check out our guide to figure out how to get it.

Then, head into Second Sea and visit the Jujutsu Academy using the Teleporter. Find the Grade 1 Quest Giver NPC. And stand next to him and line up towards the area where the enemies spawn.

Use Rika’s Wrath (C) skill and blast away all 8 at once. If you can get all 8, that means you got it right. Currently, this is the best way to grind for money and it’s so effective because you can also just macro this for a few hours for money and XPs.

Worth noting this is a method that you can use if you’re at least level 1100 or above.

For level 750 and above, Shibuya Incident is the next best thing. Using just about any weapon with decent AoE skill will work. Pick up the Strong Spirits Quest Giver NPC quest, then use your AoE skill. Rinse and repeat.

And that’s the current best technique to farm gold in Anime Spirits. Check out more of our guides for Souls in Anime Spirits here!


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