Anime Spirits: New Awakened Yuta Sword Guide & Showcase

All six skills with this weapon.

Anime Spirits: New Awakened Yuta Sword Guide & Showcase

Awakened Yuta Sword has been added to Anime Spirits and come with a lot of skills to use. We’re going to share what you can do with the sword which is one of the best in the game. Without further ado, let’s go.

New Awakened Yuta Sword Guide

Yuta Sword has received the new awakened version which comes with even stronger, more powerful skills to match. Perfect for all of you who’s been looking forward to blast off bosses and mobs with Yuta Sword.

To awaken Yuta Sword, you must first get the Cursed Promise Ring from Shibuyo Incident’s new dungeon. Along with that, make sure your Yuta Sword is VI and you have 10k gems prepared. Then, speak to the Yuta Sword Awakened NPC.

Yuta Sword Awakened NPC in Anime Spirits.

The new Shibuyo Incident dungeon is pretty tough, so it’d be best to find teammates to grind it out. It also drops the latest best accessories and pet, so it’s worth it!

Awakened Yuta Sword Skills

There’s a total of 6 skills you can use with the new Awakened Yuta Sword:

  • Cleave (E) is a simple single-hit slash skill.
  • Cursed Slash Output (Z) is also another single-hit skill but with range compared to Cleave.
  • Cursed Speech (X) has a very wide range and deals continuous damage during the duration of using it.
  • Riko’s Wrath (C) is a powerful move where you send purple blast to the area in front of you.
Rika's Wratch from Awakened Yuta Sword.
  • Maximum Output (V) is a skill that buffs your damage. Make sure to use this before you use any other skills. This easily multiplies your skill’s damage up to nearly 4x.
  • Domain Expansion (T) is a powerful ultimate move with such a wide AoE that makes it nearly impossible to dodge.
Domain Expansion from Awakened Yuta Sword.

And that ends the showcase for Awakened Yuta Sword in Anime Spirits. To complete your set, make sure to check out our guide which shows how to get Mythic Yuta & Pets! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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