Anime Spirits: Complete Mythic Unsealed Gojo Guide & Showcase

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Black Flash Ability of Unsealed Gojo Mythic in Anime Spirits

Anime Spirits is a very new Roblox game that features multiple character moves and their skills from popular anime franchises. You will see moves from Goku, Naruto, Luffy, Broly, and thanks to the recent update, you can now get the Unsealed Gojo soul.

This soul is hard to get for most players. But once you do get it, you will have to learn how to use his moves. In this guide, I will show you how to effectively use the Mythic Unsealed Gojo soul, as well as showcase his skills and how they work.

Mythic Unsealed Gojo Guide & Showcase

NOTE: In case you’re looking for info on how to get Unsealed Gojo, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that as well.


Unsealed Gojo has 6 skills: Black Flash, Red Bullet, Light Pillar, Infinite Void, Cursed Fist, and True Purple.

Unsealed Gojo has more skills compared to a majority of the souls, so you know this soul means business as the only other souls in the game that has the same amount of skills are the Broly Soul and Enel Soul, even more than the original Gojo soul.

Black Flash

Starting off with Black Flash, this skill unleashes a quick attack that engulfs an area in front of the character with a massive red and black attack, dealing damage to whoever is caught in the attack.

Black Flash skill in Anime Spirits.

Red Bullet

The next attack is the Red Bullet. This is a simple attack that you can use from afar. When used, you will send a red energy beam towards an enemy and deal damage when it lands.

Red Bullet skill in Anime Spirits.

Light Pillar

Next is the Light Pillar skill. This skill has a wide area of effect. When triggered, a flash of light erupts from the sky and hits the ground. Anyone that’s even a couple feet of the attack will instantly start taking damage until the attack stops.

Light Pillar skill in Anime Spirits.

Infinite Void

For the next skill, you have the Infinite Void. Similar to the Light Pillar, it will unleash a powerful AoE attack that can affect enemies a few feet away. Except this time, you will need to be in the middle of them as the attack is within your body.

Infinite Void skill in Anime Spirit.

Cursed Fist

Second to the last is the Cursed Fist. This skill is essentially a damage buff for you that will last for a short while before it disappears. While that is happening, you can go around and deal twice the damage with your melee attacks, as well as your other skills.

Cursed Fist skill in Anime Spirit.

True Purple

For the last skill, you have True Purple. This is the most powerful skill in Unsealed Gojo’s skillset. When triggered, Gojo will rise in the air as he summons a red and blue orb.

Once the two orbs connect, a powerful purple blast will erupt that covers a large area, dealing so much damage that anyone caught in the blast won’t have time to register it before it’s too late.

True Purple skill in Anime Spirits.

That’s all you need to know about how Unsealed Gojo works and what his skills look like in this showcase for Anime Spirits. Did this guide help you understand how to play as Unsealed Gojo in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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