Anime Spirits: How to Get & Awaken Rubber V2 (Gear 4)

How can you acquire and upgrade this fruit in Anime Spirits?

Anime Spirits is a game on Roblox that is inspired by various franchises, though it is said to be mainly based on One Piece.

In it, you collect all sorts of abilities and souls, which grant you the powers of certain characters. The latest update added a way to get Gear 4, and in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to do it.

How to Get & Awaken Rubber V2 (Gear 4)

The first step is to roll for the Rubber Soul, which will require you to grind for gold and spin at the Souls Dealer NPC.

This step will potentially require a lot of luck and money, so keep on spinning until you get it.

Next, you must travel to Doflamingo Island and do the Gear 4 Dungeon, which can be incredibly challenging, so try and bring some friends along with you to make the fight easier.

AS Doflamingo

This dungeon’s boss has a chance of dropping a Gear 4 Ticket, which you will need for the next step.

Once you have at least one (or more, since you will need a lot of it), head over to the Arena in West City.

With the Gear 4 Ticket on hand, talk to the Boss Summoner NPC to summon the Luffy boss. In addition to dropping various accessories, he has a chance of giving you a Gear 4 Shard.

AS Luffy boss

In order to awaken your Rubber soul, you will need four of the shards. So basically, keep on repeating the previous steps until you have the necessary number of shards in your inventory.

Once you have four Gear 4 Shards, go back to the arena and talk to the Gear 4 Awakener NPC. After that, you should now have the Gear 4 ability unlocked!

AS Gear 4 Awakener NPC

While you have Gear 4 activated, you will transform into a different character model and gain the following abilities:

  • True-Red-Hawk – Teleports to the nearest hostile target and slams them for a decent chunk of damage.
  • Flight – Grants you temporary flight in any direction as long as you hold the ability down or toggle it on.
  • Kong-Gatling – Deliver a rapid flurry of blows directly in front of you.
  • King-Kong-Gun – The user flies into the air and delivers a powerful punch that deals damage in an area below them.

And that is all you need to know in order to get Gear 4 in Anime Spirits. If you have the money to spare, you can also simply buy it with Robux, though it will feel much more fulfilling if you can manage to grind for it instead!

Meanwhile if you’re forward to unlocking Gojo/Infinite Void, we turn out to have a guide for that as well. Check it out!

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