Anime Spirits: How To Get Gojo Unsealed Awk & Showcase

Awaken the true power of Gojo!

Anime Spirits continues to provide all sorts of updates that add a range of content and new moves to the game. With the latest update, you can now access a whole unique set of moves for Gojo. This is through his Unsealed Awk form, that has made him even stronger.

You may be wondering how you can get access to Gojo Unsealed Awk form in Anime Spirits. Not to worry, we have you sorted out! In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can get Gojo Unsealed Awk and fulfill the requirements. Additionally, do check out the showcase at the end for all his moves!

How To Get Gojo Unsealed Awk & Showcase

To get Gojo Unsealed Awk in Anime spirits, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Gojoh Unsealed Awakener NPC at Shibuyo Island
  2. Obtain 1 Prison Realm as drop from the Defend Gojoh Dungeon
  3. Obtain 10 Six Eyes as drop from Full Power Gojo Boss
  4. Purchase the Gojo Unsealed Awk from the Awakener NPC.

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Gojoh Unsealed Awakener NPC Location

The first thing you need to do to get Gojo Unsealed Awk in Anime Spirits is to locate a particular NPC. You are looking for the Gojoh Unsealed Awakener NPC. You can find him at the Shibuyo Incident Island of the game. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be Level 725 for this island.

Shibuyo Island in Anime Spirits.

Once you’re at the island, go straight on the road indicated in the image below. You can find this road near the docks area.

Go straight ahead from this road all the way to the other end of the island.

Going down the road in Anime Spirits.

When you’re at the end of the road, turn towards the right. You should be able to make out some trees there that form a small forest. So, go towards the trees, as shown below.

Going towards tree areas in Anime Spirits.

Over here, you’ll find the Gojoh Unsealed Awakener NPC under a tree.

Approach the Gojoh Unsealed Awakener NPC and talk to him. He will tell you the requirements you need to fulfill to get the Gojo Unsealed Awk from him. Here are the requirements you need to obtain it:

  • 15 million Gold
  • 10 Six Eye
  • 1 Prison Realm.

So, you’ll need to focus on getting these requirements for Gojo Unsealed Awk. We’ll show you how to get these unique items next. You might also want to check our Awakened Sung Jin Woo guide and showcase.

Gojo Unsealed Awakener NPC in Anime Spirits.

Obtaining Prison Realm

To obtain Prison Realm in Anime Spirits, you’ll need to go to a particular dungeon. You can find this dungeon on the same island of Shibuyo Incident. It is actually quite close to the Awakener NPC on one of the roads.

You’ll need to go to the Defend Gojoh Dungeon. Here, there is a chance for the Prison Realm to drop. Unfortunately, the drop rate is unknown so you’ll need to grind it until it drops.

Defend Gojo Dungeon in Anime Spirits.

Obtaining Six Eyes

The next requirement for getting Gojo Unsealed Awk is getting 10 Six Eyes. To get them, you’ll need to make your way to West City Island. You can get there using a Teleporter.

Teleporting to West City in Anime Spirits.

After that, make your way to the Boss Summoner NPC. Talk to him and summon the Full Power Gojo Boss. In essence, you’ll be grinding out this boss.

Boss Summoner NPC in Anime Spirits.

This is because the Full Power Gojo Boss has a 10% chance to drop Six Eyes. So, you’ll need to defeat him multiple times until you have the x10 Six Eyes.

Full Power Gojo Boss in Anime Spirits.

Getting Gojo Unsealed Awk

Once you have all the unique items needed for Gojo Unsealed Awk, the rest is fairly simple. You’ll need to simply return to the Gojo Unsealed Awakener NPC and purchase it. Make sure that you also have 15 million gold and you’ll get it!

Consider checking out Anime Spirits Codes as they can also help you get more gold and other free items!

There you go, you can now use the new moves to your heart’s galore. Check out the showcase next that will help you understand how to use him effectively. 

Purchasing Gojo Unsealed in Anime Spirits.

Gojo Unsealed Awk Showcase

Starting off, you’ll need to actually toggle the Awakening mode. You can do this by using the V key. Gojo will rise into the air before his character model catches fire.

You’ll also see that the new move set will appear.

The first move for Gojo Unsealed Awk move set is Anti Domain. Using the E key, Gojo will inflict a blue AoE explosion that deals 1226030 Damage.

Next up, we have Maximum Blue where Gojo will summon a blue ball in front of his hands. You can activate this move using the Z key.

He will charge up the ball during which it will collect rubble. After that, he will throw the blue ball in front of him, dealing 2322222 damage.

Similarly, Gojo has another move that he can activate using the X key called Maximum Red. Gojo will raise his hand before firing a red laser ahead that deals 2405598 damage.

After that, we will look at Gojo’s Hollow Explosion move activated with the C key. Gojo summons a revolving red ball as he rises into the air. The red ball will then join with the blue ball, creating a large purple ball.

The purple ball will explore in the air, dealing a lot of damage in an AoE manner. You can deal around 3749004 damage with this move.

Last, but not least, we have Gojo Unsealed Awk’s ultimate move which is True Infinite Void. You can activate it using the T key. The environment around Gojo will change as he starts dealing AoE damage to anyone near him. This move does a whopping 10735361 Damage!

That’s everything you need to know about getting Gojo Unsealed Awk. If the showcase has caught your interest, we highly recommend you get him. Similar to Gojo having an Awakening, there is a weapon that has also received an Awakening. You can read all about it in our Awakened Yuta Sword guide.


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