Anime Spirits: How To Get Itadori V2 & Showcase

This Itadori is newer and better than the last!

The fun One Piece inspired Roblox game called Anime Spirits extends to other anime as well, even the fans’ beloved Jujutsu Kaisen. Travel the seas and lands to fight enemies from all the enemies and collect souls. With the release of Itadori V2, players are eager to obtain him. This guide will tell you all you need to know to obtain and awaken Itadori V2 so stick around.

How To Get Itadori V2 & Showcase

Anime Spirits dropped the second version of Itadori and all players are eager to obtain him. If you want to know how to get him, this guide will tell you how to do that. We’ll also provide you with a showcase of Itadori V2 moveset, so keep reading till the end! Let’s start with how to get Itadori V2

Obtaining Itadori V2

To get Itadori V2, you’ll need to transport to the First Sea and then head to JJK Island from there. Fly over to the plot of land with a house and the Itadoro V2 trainer.

Itadoro Trainer in Anime Spirits

When you interact with the awakener, he will tell you that you need 50,000 gems and Itadoro V2 energy. To get the Itadori V2 shards, head to the other side of the fence toward the more urban area and you’ll see a portal for the dungeon called the Itadoro Dungeon.

Itadoro Dungeon in Anime Spirits

For the shards, you are required to complete the dungeon with a chance of getting the Itadori V2 energy. You should also receive Itadori Shards. You’ll need ten of them to awaken the last moves. 

NOTE: In the new dungeon, there is also a 10% chance for an awakened Itadori to spawn with an aura. Killing the boss will give you a higher chance of obtaining other items but with the cost of battling an enemy boss with a comparatively higher HP than your usual boss fights.

Once you’ve completed the dungeon and obtained the shards as well as the V2 energy, let’s see where to go to awaken the moves. Fly to the other side of the urban town and past the construction area.

JJK Island in Anime Spirits

Behind a tree next to a cave, you should find the Itadori Awakener NPC!

Itadoro Awakener in Anime Spirits

Interact with him and he’ll ask you whether you have 10 Itadori V2 shards and if you’re an Itadori V2 Style fighting user. Since you obtained the necessary items in the dungeon, you can click “Yes”.

And that’s how you learn the last two moves for Itadoro V2. Let’s move onto the showcase!

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Here is a showcase of the Itadoro V2 moveset:

E-  Simple Domain 

Creates rapid red spiral slashes in the form of a circle as a close range attack along with turning the entire atmosphere red. Has the range to attack multiple enemies around you.

Simple Domain in Anime Spirits

X – Black flash Cleave 

Sends a red charge toward your enemy. Works as a long range attack. 

Black Flash Cleave in Anime Spirits

X – Strongest Black Flash

Rapidly sends spiral beams toward your enemy leaving them momentarily too stunned to attack. 

Strongest Black Flash in Anime Spirits

C – True Blood Arrow

Creates rapid red and black strong tendrils like charges toward your enemy. 

True Blood Arrow in Anime Spirits

T – Ultimate Black Flash 

The Ultimate Black Flash sends red charges all over the field covering a very long distance and attacking enemies from all directions. 

Ultimate Black Flash in Anime Spirits

And that’s all for the moveset and how to obtain Itadori V2. We hope this guide was helpful since we have another helpful guide for you to check out! Check out this Best Accessories Guide (Buffs for Soul, Weapon & Strength) in Anime Spirits!


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