Anime Spirits: How To Get Awaken Cid & Showcase

Awaken the Cid Sword and make it even stronger!

In Anime Spirits, you get to experience a wide range of weapons, items and move sets from some of the most iconic characters in anime. Additionally, you can also participate in quests and dungeons that allow you to test yourself.

One such weapon that is accessible in the game is the Awakened Cid Sword. In this guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how you can get your hands on it. We’ll also show a small showcase of each move so you can see if it’s worth getting. With that said, let’s dive in!

How To Get Awaken Cid & Showcase

There is also another new weapon that you can get in Anime Spirits. This is the Yamamoto which is incredibly powerful, and also has its own Dungeon and Boss. So, we recommend you check out our How To Get Yamamoto Guide. It’ll also show you how to get the final skill with a brief showcase of the moves.

With that taken care of, it’s time to dive into the main topic. Here are all the steps that you need to follow to get the Awakened Cid Sword in Anime Spirits:

  1. Get the normal Cid Sword from the Cid Dungeon at Shibuyo Incident Island
  2. Awaken the final Cid skill at the Cid Awakener NPC using 10 Cid Shards
  3. Go to the One Punch City island in Anime Spirits
  4. Grind the Awaken Cid Dungeon to obtain Cid’s Energy
  5. Purchase the Awakened Cid Sword at the Cid Sword Awakener NPC.

Obtain Normal Cid Sword

Starting off, to get the Awakened Cid Sword, you’ll first need to get the normal Cid Sword in Anime Spirits. To do this, you’ll first need to head to the right location. So, make your way to the Shibuyo Incident Island.

Shibuyo Incident in Anime Spirits.

On this island, you’ll be able to find the Cid Dungeon. Inside this Dungeon, you’ll be battling the Cid Boss. Defeating the Cid Boss can allow you to get various drops. The most important one of these is the Cid Sword which has a 1% Chance to drop. So, you’ll need to grind this dungeon in Anime Spirits until you have it.

You’ll also need to grind the Dungeon to get Cid Shards, which have a 10% chance to drop from the boss. These Cid Shards are necessary if you want to get the final skill of the Cid Sword, which is really powerful. In total, you’ll need x10 Cid Shards.

Cid Dungeon in Anime Spirits.

Once you have the Shards, talk to the Cid Awakener NPC nearby the Cid Dungeon. You can exchange the x10 Shards and Cid Sword to get the final skill. And there you go, you have the fully fledged normal Cid Sword in Anime Spirits.

Now, you’ll need to go through the process of awakening it! We also recommend you get the Escanor Axe as you may like it more than the Cid Sword.

Cid Awakener NPC in Anime Spirits.

Go to Awaken Cid Dungeon (Obtain Cid’s Energy)

Now that you have the normal Cid Sword with the final skill in Anime Spirits, it’s time to get the Awakened version. You’ll need to head to the right location for this one as well. So, we’ll be heading to the new One Punch City island in the game. You can also get the new Saitama Character Move Set here as well.

One Punch City in Anime Spirits.

Once you’re here, make your way to the right side of the island from the docks. You’ll be able to find the Awaken Cid Dungeon here. Inside the Awaken Cid Dungeon, you’ll be fighting the Cid V2 Boss.

Defeating the Cid V2 Boss gives you a chance to get some drops, which includes Cid Accessories. However, what you’ll be wanting is the Cid’s Energy item. It has a 1% chance to drop from this boss and you’ll need only one of these So, grind the Dungeon until you have this item. The boss does have 800M health so keep that in mind too when you’re facing it.

Awaken Cid Dungeon in Anime Spirits.

Obtain Awakened Cid Sword

Once you have the Cid’s Energy item, make your way to the Cid Sword Awakener NPC. You can find him right next to the Awaken Cid Dungeon.

Cid Sword Awakener NPC in Anime Spirits.

Here are the items that you’ll need to trade with him to get the Awakened Cid Sword in Anime Spirits:

  • Cid Sword
  • x1 Cid’s Energy
  • 50K Gems.

Once you have all these items, trade them with the Cid Sword Awakener NPC to get the Awakened Cid Sword. Now you can equip it and check out all the cool new moves it gives you! If you’re still not sure whether the Awakened Cid Sword is worth the hassle, we have a short showcase for you up ahead!

Awakening Cid Sword in Anime Spirits.

Awakened Cid Sword Showcase

The Awakened Cid Sword in Anime Spirit is a powerful weapon that has a variety of moves. Each move is a stronger variation of the moves in the normal Cid Sword. This includes the final skill that you awaken in the first step. Now, let’s take a look at each one of them.

E Move – Atomic Pressure

First up, we have the Atomic Pressure move. Upon activation, your character uses pressure to summon a small purple AoE around it. The small AoE circle creates purple spikes from the ground that deal constant damage. In total, this move deals around 77.9M Damage.

Atomic Pressure move in Anime Spirits.

Z Move – Eidolon Tears

Next, you can use Eidolon Tears to fire water bullets at your enemy. Your character will fire over 15 of these bullets at a large range, dealing a total of 80.1M damage if all the hits land. If there is no enemy ahead the bullets will just move around randomly until they find a target.

Eidolon Tears move in Anime Spirits.

X Move – Infernal Ballad

The Infernal Ballad move is similar to the first move. However, this time your character will spawn a larger purple AoE around it when activated. Additionally, larger purple spikes will come from the bottom and damage any enemies within range. You can deal a total of 76M damage with this move.

Infernal Ballad move in Anime Spirits.

C Move – Deadly Atomic Slashes

This next move is a really cool part of the move set. When you activate it, your character will disappear in a puff of purple. After that, he will start dealing multiple slashes all around in an AoE manner. The enemy stuck inside this barrage of slashes will be dealt a total of 89.8M damage.

Deadly Atomic Slashes move in Anime Spirits.

V Move – Atomic Energy

Up next, we have the Atomic Energy boost that does not deal any damage. Instead it gives you a buff, providing you with a Raw Damage Increase of 60%. When you activate it, you also get a purple flame aura around your character model.

Atomic Energy move in Anime Spirits.

T Move – I Am All Range Atomic

Last, but not least, we have the ultimate move which is I Am All Range Atomic. Upon activation, your character will slowly swing their sword in a long animation. After the swing, a huge beam of purple will appear that increases in size to cover an extremely large AoE. Any enemy within the beam is dealt constant damage. Overall, you can deal a whopping total of 120.2M damage!

I Am All Range Atomic move in Anime Spirits.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Awakened Cid Sword in Anime Spirits including the move set showcase. However, this is not the only thing that you can get in the game. Check out our Shadow Extraction Spec guide to see how you can get another move set. It also features a showcase which will be useful if you enjoyed this one.


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