Anime Spirits: How To Get Mythic Yuta & Pets Guide

Strong weapons and pets that can get you really far in the game!

Anime Spirits: How To Get Mythic Yuta & Pets Guide

In Roblox Anime Spirits, you will be on a journey to become stronger and overcome many different challenges. To increase your strengths, finding good weapons is essential if you want to progress. There are a lot of weapons for you to obtain as you play the game.

With the Mythic Yuta Sword, which is currently one of the best weapons in the game, you can complete the in-game much more easily. In this guide, we will show you how you can get the Mythic Yuta Sword as well as the Yuta Pet and how it can help you in battle.

How To Get Mythic Yuta & Pets Guide

The Mythic Yuta Sword is a Sword that you can drop from the Yuto Dungeon in JJK Island. This has a very low drop rate being one of the best weapons in the game.

The Yuto Dungeon will have a chance of dropping also many other rare items, which can boost your power by a huge amount. Some items are the Yuta’s Pants, Yuta’s Coat, and Yuta’s Pet (Rika).

Anime Spirits: How To Get Mythic Yuta & Pets Guide Sword & Pet

After you obtain the Pet from the Dungeon, it will give you a random boost. It can give you a Defense, Soul, Strength, or Sword Boost.

This means that you will need to drop the pet multiple times to eventually get the boost that you need. Rika is one of the best pets in the game, besides Chopper so it is always worth playing the dungeon.

Anime Spirits Pet

To increase the Boost effect of your Pet, you will need to find Fruits to level them. Fruits are relatively easy to find since they spawn under trees.

In the image down below, you can find an orange as an example. You can max your pets in under an hour so it shouldn’t be too long. After reaching a new level, the boost of the pet will also increase by 2 times.

Anime Spirits Fruit

Mythic Yuta Sword Showcase

The Mythic Yuta (Yuto) Sword is a Mythic rarity Sword with 6 different Skills. Your moves are Black Flash, Deadly Slash, Cursed Slashes, Cursed Speech, Riko’s Energy, and Riko’s Wrath. In the image down below, you can see that the final move has not been unlocked yet.

Anime Spirits Skills

To unlock the Yuta Sword’s Final ability, you will need to go to the JJK Island. There, you can then find the Ring Awakener. After that, give him 10 Promise Rings and you will unlock the ability.

The Promise Ring is an item that drops from the Yuta Dungeon at JJK Island. This has a 10% Drop Chance. After you have collected 10 of them, you can awaken the powerful Yuta Sword.

 Ring Awakener

Your first move is Black Flash. Upon activation, you will slash in an area in front of you, causing a small red explosion. This will deal high damage to your opponent once they get hit.

This ability has a low cooldown and is something you can spam for extra damage. Especially in dungeons, the AoE effect can help you hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Anime Spirits Black Flash

The second ability of the Yuta Sword is Deadly Slash. The ability lets you dash forward, dealing damage to any enemies that are in the path.

This move deals good damage and can be really useful when it comes to hitting multiple enemies. As long as they are grouped up, you can hit multiple of these enemies.

Anime Spirits Deadly Slash

Your third ability is Cursed Slashses. After casting, you will start releasing purple slashes that fly at your opponents. You can also choose the direction by hovering your mouse cursor on your opponent.

Since it is a projectile, being able to aim lets you predict enemy movements and land your attacks more easily. This ability is one of the ways you can attack enemies from a distance.

Anime Spirits Cursed Slashes

After casting Cursed Speech, you will launch sound waves at your opponent. This ability deals more damage than your Black Flash and Deadly Slash. The sound waves will damage opponents in a cone area in front of you.

Anime Spirits Cursed Speech

Your fifth ability is Riko’s Energy. Upon using the skill, you will cover yourself in purple energy. This will enhance the attacks of your weapon.

Anime Spirits Energy

The final ability is Riko’s Wrath. With this ability, you will fire a huge laser beam at your opponents. The beam is incredibly large and can deal damage in a large area.

If you are looking to clear huge waves of enemies, this ability is extremely satisfying to use. However, it has a high cooldown as a tradeoff for the high damage and area of effect.

Anime Spirits Riko's Wrath

That’s how you can get the Mythic Yuta Sword & Pets in Anime Spirits! The Yuta Dungeon is a dungeon you should invest your time in. This is because they drop the best pets and weapons in the game. It may take a while, but keep trying until you eventually drop them.

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