Anime Spirits: How To Get Yamamoto Guide + Last Skill & Showcase

Awaken the Yamamoto Soul within you!

Anime Spirits has come out with yet another new soul in the form of the Yamamoto. The Yamamoto is a powerful soul that many players are already calling the best soul in the game at the moment. As a result, there’s a rush to get this soul as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how you can get your hands on the Yamamoto. After that, we’ll also show you how you can get the final ultimate skill. Finally, we’ll also be providing you with a showcase so you can see how powerful it really is. Let’s get into it!

How To Get Yamamoto Guide and Showcase

Anime Spirits also recently released Saitama as a character in the game. If you haven’t gotten him yet, we strongly suggest that you get him as well. Check out our How To Get Saitama and Showcase Guide to find out more.

With that said, let’s see how you can get the new Yamamoto Soul, including the last skill. Here are the steps that you’ll be following to get it in Anime Spirits:

  1. Spin for souls to get the Yamamoto Soul at the Souls Dealer NPC
  2. Go to the One Punch City Island and locate the Yamamoto Dungeon
  3. Farm for Flamed Bankai Shards by fighting the Yamamoto Boss
  4. Awaken the final skill for 10 Shards at the Yamamoto Awakener NPC.

Yamamoto Obtainment Method

First off, we’ll be looking at how you can get the Yamamoto Soul in Anime Spirits. This is pretty straightforward as the method is the same as you would for any other soul.

You’ll need to do this by going to the Souls Dealer NPC and spin for it. Basically, obtaining the Yamamoto soul will depend on your luck. So, you’ll need to keep spinning until you get it. The Yamamoto Soul is a Mythic Soul so the chances of rolling for it are pretty low. So, keep that in mind when you decide to spin for it.

Alternatively, you can go the premium route and purchase it permanently for 2075 Robux in Anime Spirits. Whatever method you use, it really is up to you whichever way suits you. Now that you have the Yamamoto, we also suggest you get your hands on the Escanor Axe in Anime Spirits.

Souls Dealer Menu in Anime Spirits.

Yamamoto Last Skill Attainment Method (Awaken)

Next up, we’ll be looking at how you can get the last skill for the Yamamoto. Yamamoto is arguably the best Soul in the game right now. Additionally, the last skill, Zankachi True Flames, is the best skill in the entire moveset.

So, we highly suggest that you get it. To get it, you’ll first need to go to the right location in Anime Spirits. For this one, you’ll be going to the One Punch City island, which is a Level 1350 island.

One Punch City in Anime Spirits.

Once you’re here, head towards the left side of the island from the docks. Here, you should be able to find the Yamamoto Dungeon fairly easily. You’ll also see the Yamamoto Awakener NPC right next to this Dungeon.

Yamamota Dungeon in Anime Spirits.

To get the Yamamoto Last Skill, you’ll need to grind the Dungeons in order to get Flamed Bankai Shards. These shards have a chance to drop from the Yamamoto boss in the dungeon with a 10% Drop Rate. In total, you will need 10 Flamed Bankai Shards to awaken the Yamamoto Final Skill.

Once you have the necessary Flamed Bankai Shards, approach the Yamamoto Awakener NPC and interact with him. This will open a menu where you can trade in your Shards for the Zankachi True Flames skill.

Make sure that you have the Yamamoto Soul equipped when you go to Awaken it.

Confirm the trade and you will get your hands on the entire Yamamoto moveset! Next, we’ll look at a small showcase for the moves so that you can see whether all of this is worth the effort. Before the showcase, why not check out how to get the Shadow Extraction Spec in Anime Spirits.

Yamamoto Awakener Menu in Anime Spirits.

Yamamoto Soul Showcase

The Yamamoto Soul is currently the best Soul in the game, with very high damage output skills. Let’s look at each of the skills in order, including the last skill that we awakened.

E Move – Soukotsu

With this move, your character will lock onto the nearest enemy in front of him and teleport instantly to them. It can be used to get aggressive with an enemy in conjunction with the other skills.

Soukotsu Move in Anime Spirits.

Z Move – Zankachi: North

This is a great move that allows you to slash your sword at the enemy. This action produces a fire slash in front of the enemy and can travel quite a distance ahead.

Zankachi North Move in Anime Spirits.

X Move – Taimatsu

The Taimatsu skill is incredibly destructive as it allows you to basically create a fire nuke all around you. It has a fairly decent AoE and deals constant damage to any enemy that is within your range.

Taimatsu Move in Anime Spirits.

C Move – Incinerate

The Incinerate Skill works in a similar way. However, this time you can form a beam of fire on an enemy in front of you, even if they are a fair distance away. This beam of fire deals constant damage to the enemy.

Incinerate Move in Anime Spirits.

V Move – Zankachi: West

Unlike the other skills, this skill does not deal damage directly. Instead, it gives your Yamamoto moveset a buff. You get the following buffs with this skill:

  • 50% Soul Damage Boost
  • 5% Raw Damage Boost
Zankachi West Move in Anime Spirits.

T Move – Zankachi True Flames

Finally, we have the star of the show in the form of the last skill that needs to be awakened. This skill allows you to create multiple fire nukes that appear all around you in a large AoE. Any enemy that has the poor fortune of being in the area will be dealt an enormous amount of constant damage. Rest assured that your enemies will not be coming out unscathed!

Zankachi True Flames Move in Anime Spirits.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Yamamoto Soul and awakening the last skill. We hope the showcase has given you a good idea of the potential that this moveset has. Next up, we have another showcase and item for you available in Anime Spirit. Check out our Aizen Sword with Showcase guide to find out more!


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