Anime Tales: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Anime Tales is one of the many MMOs in Roblox that has some pretty neat mechanics. From a gacha system to get famous anime characters like Goku or Naruto to a pretty solid combat system. Of course, it’s a brand-new game for some people and all the mechanics can be quite confusing to understand.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to deal with the important mechanics of the game. Now let’s jump into this anime-filled game and see what it offers!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you how to level up your fame, all your other skill points and your weapon skill in particular. We’ll also show you how to get new cool abilities and characters using the Gacha system. So, let’s get started and see what this game is all about!

Leveling Your Skills

There are different stats that you need to level up to make your character stronger in Anime Tales. There’s Strength, Defense, Energy, Weapon, Speed and Fame. In the starting island, you’ll have plenty of places to train your skills. When you go to your map look for the ones that have a “100” below it, that means you can use it in the early levels.

Below is an image that shows all the starting skill training areas.

Anime Tales Training Areas

You can also level up your skills by going to the character menu and upgrading them with coins. Of course, this is pricey so only do this if you have a ton of coins and don’t mind losing a lot of them.

Anime Tales Training Skills Via Coins

Leveling up Fame

In the starting location you’ll want to go to the areas where there are benches. There’s a lot of them on the starting map and the closest ones are shown below.

Anime Tales Starting Island Bench Locations

All you need to do is go to a bench and sit on it and it will give you 1 fame per second. So if you want to level up your fame just find a bench and sit there for a long time until you have enough!

Anime Tales Sitting On Bench

Leveling Weapons and Gaining Abilities

To level your weapons, you can do the same thing with the other skills by buying them. Of course, we don’t have an infinite number of coins so here’s another way to level your weapons.

You should first do the starting quests and the daily quests. Some of these quests will even give you abilities.

Anime Tales Quest Window

Then there are some quests that give you new weapons, like the Shinnai or the Titan Cutter. Each better than the last and each one of them has a Weapon Training Boost.

So, every time you swing that weapon you progress your Weapon skill.

Anime Tales Titan Cutter

Remember that these quests even give you new abilities that you can use and most of them can be quite powerful! You can also summon new characters so that you can get their abilities for you to use!

Anime Tales Fighting Technique

Summoning Characters

Of course, we can’t have a game in 2023 without some form of gamb- gacha mechanic so Anime Tales have you covered! The game has a gacha system that you can play to get new characters. You roll for these characters and hope that RNG is with you that day.

Anime Tales Season 1 Gacha

Most of the time you’ll get these character shards, only rarely will you get a new character outright. The shards itself is a pity system and if you get 20 of the same character shard you can then turn them into that character.

Anime Tales Gacha Character

To turn the character shards into characters you’ll want to go to the western part of the starting island. To the right of the track and field is a small house you’ll need to go to.

Anime Tales Weapon Goddess Map Location

You can see the house you need to go to with the image below. Use that image and the image above to pinpoint where this area is.

Anime Tales Track Field

There you’ll find the Weapon Goddess and you can exchange the Character Shards for the character itself. Remember you’ll need 20 of them to get the character!

Anime Tales Weapon Goddess

Those are all the mechanics you’ll need to learn to grasp the basics of Anime Tales. There’s a lot more to learn out there but those are for advanced players already. So go out there and enjoy the game!

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