Anime Tales: How to Solo Bosses Guide

Just you and the boss, a fight to the death!

Anime Tales Boss Fight

Fighting bosses in Anime Tales can be tough, they’re bosses after all. If you’re planning on farming bosses for loots and want to do it solo, then you’ll need to know the mechanics. Not only that, but you’ll want to prepare the best abilities so you can actually solo the boss.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to solo the bosses in the game. So, let’s see what you’ll need to prepare to do just that!

How to Solo Bosses Guide

So, to solo bosses in Anime Tales, you’ll need to know what the best abilities are and what the boss’s mechanics are. We’ll go through the abilities you might want to get to make things easier as well as the different attacks the bosses make. We’ll also focus on the two main farmable bosses, which is the Dragon Emperor and the Your Mom boss.

Abilities and Boss Tiers

Bosses have different tiers in the game, and it is tied to the server. When a boss is defeated, they go up by one tier while if the players lose the boss fight the boss goes down by a tier. That means if you or anyone else in the server defeats the boss it’ll go up a tier for all players and goes down a tier as well if that happens.

Anime Tales Spirit Boost

There’s not a lot of must-have abilities but there’s one that you’ll want to have to make things easier. The ability is Spirit Boost, and you get it when you reach 10 billion Strength. This will greatly increase your M1 attacks damage which is where most of your damage comes from. Another ability is the better dash that you get at 2.5 million Speed, which is the best for dodging those boss attacks!

Dragon Emperor

The Dragon Emperor is best fought while directly below him. Stay as close to him as possible and spam M1 attacks and jump attacks. Also make sure that you have Spirit Boost on as much as possible so that you maximize your damage.

Anime Tales Dragon Emperor One Foot Up

When the Dragon Emperor raises one of his feet then stop attacking and prepare to dodge. Once he drops his feet, red AOE circles will appear all across the map, make sure to avoid them or you’ll be damaged. Once the animation for the attack is over, go back to him and continue attacking.

Anime Tales DragonE Emperor AOE Attack

Another attack that he does is a cone attack that starts from his center, which is easy to dodge when you’re close to him. So, make sure to be close to him as much as possible to dodge this attack. Just keep using M1, your abilities and Spirit Boost until you beat the boss.

Anime Tales Dragon Emperor Cone Attack

Your Mama

The Your Mama boss has much less health than the Dragon Emperor but deals much more damage. Again, it’s best to stay close to her and attack her with your abilities and M1 attacks. Keep the damage up since the boss’ HP isn’t that big.

Anime Tales Your Mom Circle AOE

The massive damage circle around this boss should be ignored since it doesn’t deal that much damage unless your stats are severely under-leveled. Go near the boss and spam abilities and attacks to make the fight as short as possible.

Anime Tales Line AOE

The attack you’ll want to watch out are the slashes that go across the map. This is much harder to dodge since it’s random but once you see those lines on the ground avoid them as much as possible.

With these tips you can easily solo the other bosses in the game. These are just the two main bosses that most people solo and farm. Now go out there and try to solo the bosses!

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