AniPhobia – How To Do The Carlos Jump Guide

That is one broken jump!

AniPhobia is a Roblox game in which players fight their favorite anime characters using various weapons. Possible characters include Toga from My Hero Academia. Additionally, you can also travel alongside friends and take on various bosses. In this guide, I will show you how to do the Carlos Jump.

Carlos Jump Guide

This guide is split into two parts, with the former focusing on how to exactly do the jump and the latter on the uses of the jump. Let’s get right into it!

How to Do the Carlos Jump

The first step to accomplishing the Carlos Jump is to equip the Carlos weapon. This weapon can only be obtained by players if they have the Donator Tier 1. This can be bought from the game’s store using 100 Robux

Buying tier from the store

Once you have bought the Donator Tier 1, go into settings and choose the Gamepasses option. If the tier has been purchased successfully, an option will appear, allowing you to use Donator T1. Activating this will allow you to receive the Carlos weapon in your inventory.

Activating Donator T1

On its own, the Carlos is not a good weapon, but with the Carlos Jump, it becomes an essential tool in your arsenal. To do the jump, position your character in the direction of where you want to jump. Once this is done, move slightly in the opposite direction and then quickly press the directional key for opposite movement to the current direction while holding Space

Successfully jumped on roof

For example, if you want to jump on a wall to the right first face towards the wall. The walk slightly in the opposite direction to the left using the A key. Then immediately let go of the A key and press the Space and D keys together. This will result in the character jumping high in the right direction, allowing you to get over the wall.

Uses of Carlos Jump

Mall Entrance

The first place where you can utilize the Carlos Jump is at the Mall Entrance. While fighting enemies, if you are cornered, you can quickly use the Carlos Jump to jump onto the scaffolding. From there, you can Carlos Jump again onto the roof and use the Flare Gun inside the tent to arm yourself. However, if the horde has a Megumin, you won’t be safe on the roof and will have to dodge.

Carlos Jump on scaffolding

Liberty Airfield

The next use of the Carlos Jump is to get into the Liberty Airfield Armory if you do not have a car or a sniper rifle. The first step is to go to the back of the base and take down the T-Doll on the Water Tower. This can be easily done using any normal rifle.

Taking down T doll on water tower

Once this is done, Carlos Jump into the inner perimeter. Beware of the mines inside this area, as they can easily kill you in one hit, even if your character has armor. 

Jumping into inner perimeter

At the other end of the inner perimeter, Carlos Jump onto the roof of the small storage compounds.

Jumping from inner perimeter onto armory

Moving on, the next step is to clear all the surrounding T dolls to prevent them from overwhelming you. Proceed with caution here since most of these enemies have rifles and will shoot back at you the moment they are shot. After defeating all the enemies, simply jump down and interact with the door to move into the armory and get all the weapons.

Opening the armory door

The Carlos Jump is an underrated mobility move in AniPhobia. However, it is a shame that it is unlocked behind a paywall, meaning that many players cannot accomplish it. We would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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