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The new summer update is cooking!

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The new Summer Update just arrived in AniPhobia! With that said, there are lots of new and exciting features in store for the players. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t stop bringing fresh content and keeps the players coming back. The stirring experience of non-stop action and shooting different anime characters in the old zombie-survival fashion is great! Guess what? This update makes it even better!

Summer Update Guide

The new update includes new weapons and attachments, thrilling mechanics like hordes and ambushes, a new boss, and other miscellaneous in-game content like fanarts, emotes, vehicles and the likes. If you’re interested in knowing all the new features, make sure to read further into the guide.

Here’s a game map that you can use as reference for all the different locations mentioned in the guide:

Source: Roblox Pathe

Take note, the map might not be fully updated especially with the road adjustments with the General Store Road, etc. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Mascot Fanarts

There’s a few new mascot fanarts that you can around the City in the new update. Here are some made by demcord and FoxIsAGhost. Make sure to check them out!

Mascot Fanart in AniPhobia

Mascot Fanart in AniPhobia

T-Doll Patrols/Ambushes

The new update also features the new T-Doll patrol or ambush mechanic. They will usually spawn on roads blocking your way and firing you and your vehicle, which forces you to go off-road. It’s not yet confirmed if they also spawn on other locations.

Generally, T-Dolls have perfect vision at night which puts you in a disadvantage. But of course, if you have enough ammos and weapons, you can choose to fight them off. However, be careful and aware since their AI is more advanced. They will try to strafe and flank you.

It’s good to know that T-Dolls won’t chase you, if you are far enough. So, running is an option.

T-Dolls Patrols/Ambush in AniPhobia


Other than ambushes, you should also expect hordes making their way into the game. It’s a new mechanic where a wave of mobs will group up on you. You can notice an incoming horde by a unique sound playing in the background.

They’re much easier to take out than ambushes, but you still need to be prepared for them. In case you end up lacking in ammo and weaponry, you should opt on trimming down the horde by taking out a few of the mobs.

Hordes in AniPhobia

Hordes in AniPhobia

After successfully trimming down the horde, go to the closes ammunition location that you can loot. Now, you can take on the horde without worrying about running out of ammo.

Ammo Restock in AniPhobia


In addition to the new mobs, they have also added a new boss to the game, Sangvis Ferri. But before you proceed, ensure that you prepare yourself and equip strong armor and weapons.

If you think you’re prepared, you can skip this section until the next notification box.

For the armor, the best you can do is fight Darkness and get the armor loot it drops.

For the weapons, you can go the Liberty Airfield and get all the weapon you’ll need to fight the added boss. Go to this small building, showed in the image below. You can find a variety of strong weapons including M4A1 and a Rocket Launcher even.

Here’s the new added boss in the Summer update, Sangvis Ferri.

Sangvis Ferri M16A1 is the first T-Doll boss added in the game. Unlike the other bosses, she actively uses ranged attacks and won’t mindlessly charge at you. Also, she has the largest arsenal among the bosses in the game.

If you are unaware of her weapons and abilities, she might take you out before you can react. With that said, I’ll discuss everything you need to know when fighting the new boss.

Sangvis Ferri in AniPhobia

Sangvis Ferri M16A1 has 4 weapons. I will list them down along with a detailed explanation on how they work.

  • M16A1 – she shoots with her gun from a distance. This is her main weapon so careful since it can deal significant damage. With that said, make sure to keep on running around while she uses this weapon so she doesn’t hit you.
  • Jupiter Cannon – it fires a yellow blast on an AoE which deals huge damage. Make sure to run away from her, not around her, when she uses this weapon.
  • Flashbang – she throws flashbangs which can blind you if you’re close to the trajectory. Try to avoid them if you can.
  • Orbital Cannon – she commands a devastating attack from the sky which deals lethal damage. You can notice her using this after using a flashbang as well as an animation she does for this weapon. Avoid this ability at all costs.

Keep in mind that these attacks all come out in a pattern, and it restarts from the first one after using the Orbital Cannon.

Sangvis Ferri in AniPhobia

Sangvis Ferri in AniPhobia

Weapons and Attachments

Now we’re done with the mobs, let’s get into the weapons. The new update includes Model 29, M14 and M9. They are all strong weapons that you can add to your arsenal. Also, there are attachments that you can get in the game to make them even stronger.

Model 29 and M14 in AniPhobia

You can buy Model 29 and M14 from Mista’s Armory located in the City. However, for the other stuff, you’ll need to pick them up at different locations. We’ll get into that in a bit.

First, here’s the damage of all the new weapons as well as the attachments. For the locations, I will give just below the list.

  • Model 29 – 50 Damage, x2.5 Head Multiplier, 6 Round Capacity and Double Action.
  • M14 – 40 Damage, x3 Head Multiplier, 20 Round Capacity and Semi-automatic.
  • M9 – 20 Damage, x2 Head Multiplier, and 18 Round Capacity.
  • M14 Scope – essentially turns the gun into a better Remington 700, but make sure you land your headshots.
  • M9 Suppressor – gives M9 a x5 Head Multiplier. Neat!

Additionally, some weapons have been redesigned and recolored like the M16A2. Also, some weapons have new sounds as well. You might like this, but you can now hold the M1911 with one-hand now which is pretty cool. Can you hold two of them at the same time though? We’re yet to find out.

M16A2 in AniPhobia

One-hand Pistol in AniPhobia

You can find the M9 at Willsden located in a table inside the building.

M9 in AniPhobia

For the M14 Scope, you can find it in the Tumbleweed Gun Store.

M14 Scope in AniPhobia

For the M9 Suppressor, you can find it in the Military Checkpoint Gun Store. Though be careful, since there usually hordes and ambushes that spawn in this location. Especially if you’re the only person around.

M9 Suppressor in AniPhobia

This isn’t really a new addition. But you can get Airstrike as loot from the new boss, Sangvis Ferri. This weapon is extremely strong and covers a big area. Now, that’s a good reason to take out the new boss!

Airstrike in AniPhobia

Airstrike in AniPhobia


The road that leads to the General Store has been updated as well. Instead of being extremely steep like before, it now curves like a mountain road. You have to be careful though since there’s a lot of wrecked cars that can be caught on your way. Also, there’s possibility of T-Doll ambushes spawning in the roads.

New Road in AniPhobia


There’s also a new vehicle added to the game, the Velrochet. It’s nothing special, but you might want to take it out for a ride.

Velrochet in AniPhobia

Velrochet in AniPhobia


Also, the Torture Dance makes a return from AniPhobia Revamped. If you like this emote, then you should expect it on the new update.

Torture Dance in AniPhobia

Cola & Burger

Of course, the players ask, and the developers shall deliver. Here are the last additions to the new update: the Cola and Burger.

You can get Cola from vending machines scattered around the game. For Burgers, you can find them in McRonald’s locations in the game.

Cola in AniPhobia

Burger in AniPhobia

That sums the update up. I hope I was able to bring all the new features and content in the table. If I missed or left out some of them, make sure to leave them in the comments section down below. Also, if you are interested in more Roblux games and content, we have lots of them so make sure to check them out as well!

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