Anti-Rowling Activists Launch Website to Monitor Streamers Who Play Hogwarts Legacy

This is weird.

J.K. Rowling, the writer of the popular “Harry Potter” series, faced criticism in June 2020 for her controversial statements regarding the transgender community on social media. This sparked reactions from fans and prominent figures from the wizarding world, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Eddie Redmayne, who publicly expressed their disagreement with the author.

Well, Deluxe Edition Hogwarts Legacy players already have the game, which includes most of the major streamers and content creators. It’s no secret that there is massive hype for this game, and with that a lot of streamers have been averaging much higher viewer counts than normal.

With that said, one activist (Twitter: @iamsamgibbs) has created a website called “have they streamed THAT wizard game?” ( The site main functionality is to find out just that; whether a streamer has played Hogwarts Legacy or not. We tried with a couple of streamers and the site will either show a prompt saying: “(streamer) HAS NOT streamed THAT wizard game” OR “(streamer) HAS streamed THAT wizard game (NUMBER) times”.

For example, here’s a prompt for xQc:

Many players and supporters of Rowling and Hogwarts Legacy have expressed themselves quite unapologetically. One reddit user reportedly said: “Oh cool, I can’t play it till the weekend so this’ll help me find some content creators who play it.”. And another one: “THAT new wizard game” – wtf is this? The Game That Shall Not Be Named? Why are they so afraid of mentioning the game?”.

For those that want to have a quick laugh reading responses to this, I urge you to look at a post in /r/Asmongold!


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