Nightingale: How to Apply Infusion to an Uncommon Item

Start giving yourself some passive buffs early in the game!

In addition to its fairly complex crafting and gear score system, Nightingale also has various ways for both min-maxers and casual players to create their own unique builds. Among these mechanics is the infusion system, which lets you boost certain aspects of your equipment as long as you have the space for it. Here is a quick guide on the basics of this system!

How to Apply Infusion to an Uncommon Item

Once you reach the Antiquarian realm for the first time, you will finally gain access to Tier 1 essence. This will allow you to upgrade your gear into their uncommon varieties, which will have much better stats.

This opens the door for you to start using infusions, as uncommons (which is indicated by a green background in an item’s icon) have one free slot for these upgrades.

Apart from finding them in chests out in the wild, you can also craft your own infusions using an Enchanter’s Focus.

You can get a simple version of this workbench from the base essence trader for just 55 Essence dust. The materials required to build it are the following:

This will require you to create a Simple smelter and a Simple saw table, so make sure you have enough essence dust to buy all the necessary workbenches from any trader!

Nightingale building interface showing the recipe for the simple enchanter's focus

Once you have crafted or found infusions, you can insert them into your gear by right clicking it in your inventory and pressing the “Apply” button.

This will bring up a menu of applicable items that can work with the infusion of choice. In the example below, you can see that the Constancy Infusion (increased durability) works with an uncommon tool/weapon.

Nightingale infusion application interface showing the constancy infusion being used on an axe

Once you click on “Apply Infusion”, you’ve pretty much done it. The item is now enchanted, and you can add more infusions later on once you upgrade it to higher tiers and open up new slots.

That is pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to infusing items in the game. Once you’re ready to move past uncommons and get right into rare gear, check out our guide on how to get Tier 2 essence in Nightingale!


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