AOT Revolution: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Slaying Titans, Stats, Builds & More)

Your new Titan adventure begins here!

The release of AoT Revolution is just around the corner on Roblox. With this game, you’ll be able to experience the essence of how it feels to slay Titans. Additionally, you’ll have other aspects from the anime that fans have been wanting.

However, if you’re new to these types of games, then your introduction might feel a little daunting. Not to worry, we have you covered with this one. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with a beginner’s introduction to aspects like stats, builds and slaying Titans.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

AoT Revolution offers a lot of features, but we’ll only be covering the main ones for you as a beginner. After all, as a starter you’ll only be interested in killing some Titans! We also recommend you check out our AOT Revolution Codes guide. It has a bunch of codes that are updated daily, and you can use them for a lot of freebies – which will help you a lot as a beginner!


Starting off, when you get into the AOT Revolution game, you’ll come across a menu as shown below that will have a bunch of different tabs. Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but some are really useful.

Start by going into the Equipment Tab. Once you’re here, you’ll see a list of tabs which all deal with your Equipment. So, for this one, hit the Upgrades tab. Here, you’ll be able to upgrade all the equipment that you have. The upgrade system can be a little confusing, so we’ll go over that.

Upgrades in AOT Revolution.

In AOT Revolution, all your equipment will have a certain ranking. Some equipment may have a higher grade such as A- while others may have a low of B.

When you upgrade something, you’ll need to buy the lowest upgrades first and start from there regardless of the rank. For example, if you’re upgrading an A- sword to A, you’ll first need to buy the upgrades from the lowest grade all the way till A- before you’ll be able to upgrade it to A.

As a result, the game forces you to balance out each of your equipment. So, keep that in mind when you’re thinking of upgrading something.

As for the ideal upgrades, we recommend that you focus on upgrading your ODM Speed and ODM Damage. You can also upgrade the other aspects alongside to keep it balanced. But ODM is essential when it comes to slaying Titans, as you’ll see later in the guide.

ODM Damage Upgrade in AOT Revolution.

Skill Trees and Builds

The next thing on the Equipment list in AOT Revolution is Skills. When you click on this tab, you’ll see three skill trees that you can upgrade in the game. If you’re someone who is just interested in only slaying Titans, we recommend that you focus primarily on the middle tree and secondly on the left tree.

Skill Trees in AOT Revolution.

This is because the middle tree revolves around damage which will allow you to kill Titans much faster. You are not able to one shot Titans in the start, so upgrading this will be very beneficial. Additionally, you also unlock more moves with this tree which will also make the game more fun.

The left tree revolves around your item’s durability which will help you kill Titans for a longer period of time. However, you can find better equipment once you explore the world, so you can also get better durability from there.

Durability Skill in AOT Revolution.

The right tree revolves around healing which is useful if you’re someone who wants to do a healer build. However, if you’re just in it for killing Titans, then you can just ignore this tree. Lastly, there is a skill option that you’ll be able to see at the top of the skill tree. This is known as the Family Skill that you’ll only have if you have a family in the game.

Family Skill in AOT Revolution.

You can unlock this Family Skill to get further buffs to your Stats and build.

Last Stand Skill in AOT Revolution.


The last important thing we’ll be looking at in AOT Revolution Equipment Tab is Perks

You unlock Perks by completing different missions in the game. Each of these perks gives you a particular buff which will differ in numbers depending on the rarity of the Perk. You can equip and even enhance them depending on the slots that you have. You can unlock Perks Slots through skill trees.

Perks Menu in AOT Revolution.

The Rarities of the perks are the following:

  • Common Perks
  • Rare Perks
  • Epic Perks
  • Legendary Perks
Selecting perks in AOT Revolution.

If you have a bunch of low level Perks, you can actually craft higher Level perks. You can do this by selecting lower level perks and then hitting the Forge Button. Doing so will give you a chance of getting better perks.

The higher the rarity of the perks you trade in, the higher the chances will be of getting the Perk. Additionally, you will also need to spend money for Forging these perks.

Since crafting Perks is so expensive, we recommend that you only go for Epic or Legendary Perks by trading in Rare Perks. The chances are way too low with Common Perks, especially considering the large amount of money you are trading in.

Crafting Perks in AOT Revolution.

Slaying Titans

Now we’ll be looking at the core part of the AoT Revolution gameplay which is Slaying Titans! New players tend to have difficulty with this part, especially because of the fast paced movement. So, we’ll look at ways to make this part easier for you.

Starting off, you can use the Q key to grapple onto Titans with your ODM. You have the option to grapple twice with your ODM, one from each side. We recommend that you only use your ODM once to grapple onto the Titan. Using two grapples will be more time consuming and will also take up more gas.

Flying in the air in AOT Revolution.

Once you’re in the air, you’ll be looking to kill the Titan. If you’re not familiar with the AOT anime, you can kill Titans by slashing their nape – which is the back of the neck.

However, this can be difficult if you’re a beginner since targeting a moving Titan’s nape can be difficult. So, we recommend that you first slash at the Titans legs. Doing so will stagger them, and they’ll fall to the ground.

Slashing Titan's Leg in AOT Revolution.

When they’re staggered, their nape will be free for the taking. So, this way, you can grapple onto them and swiftly kill them. Once you get used to the movement, you can start targeting their nape directly.

Targeting Nape in AOT Revolution.


Last, but not least, we’ll be touching on Modifiers briefly in AOT Revolution. When you’re creating a lobby in AOT Revolution, you can see the option for Modifiers there.

Modifiers option in AOT Revolution.

Modifiers allow you to change up certain aspects of the game, such as getting more gold and EXP. However, you can also make the game harder for yourself for these benefits. We recommend that you check these modifiers out as you progress through the game and get better. It’ll allow you to make the experience much better and refined for you.

Modifiers List in AOT Revolution.

That’s everything you need to know for the Complete Beginner’s Guide in AOT Revolution. As you progress through the game, you might get bored of playing as a Titan Slayer. Well, did you know that you can actually become a Titan in AOT Revolution? Check out our How To Become A Titan guide for info!


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