V Rising: All Trader Shop Locations | Copper, Silver, Goldsun Coins & Onyx Tear

Trade your coins here!

V Rising: All Trader Shop Locations | Copper, Silver & Goldsun Coins

Finding the stuff you require in V Rising can be done quite easily at trader shops. They offer a wide variety of goods for sale, including books, potions, and other supplies that you usually have a hard time getting. Many different places including cities, villages, and even the wilderness have trader shops. If you are lost on where to find them then this guide would be helpful for you!

Though keep in mind to change in your human form before trading with them or it’ll cost you your life.

All Trader Shop Locations

  • Copper Trader ShopsWest and East of Farbane Woods
  • Silver Trader ShopsDunley Farmlands
  • Goldsun Coin Trader Shops West of Silverlight Hills
  • Onyx Tear Trader Shop – North of Stormdrain Hills

Copper Trader Shop Locations

There are 2 copper coin traders can be found on the west side and east side of Farbane Woods as highlighted on the map below.

  • The west trader is a Shady Book Dealer where you can buy books you can read to unlock new technology.
  • The east trader is a Shady Herb & Potion Dealer where you can exchange your copper coins for seeds, spores and the likes.
Copper shop in V Rising

Copper shop in V Rising

Silver Trader Shop Locations

Silver shop in V Rising

Just in the middle of Dunley Farmlands you can find the Silver coin traders. There are two traders on the location.

  • Rural Book Merchant
  • Rural Goods Merchant

Goldsun Coins Trader Shop Locations

Goldsun Vendors locations

Goldsun coin traders are located in West of Silverlight Hills. You can trade for high-level equipment. There are two traders in the location as well:

  • City Gem Vendor
  • City Book Vendor
  • City Herb & Potion Vendor

Onyx Tear Trader Shop Locations

There’s a merchant in Gloomrot North that will allow you to buy legendary weapons using Onyx Tears (one per weapon). Please note that the weapons will be shattered.

  • The Treasure Hunter merchant is located north of Stormdrain Hills:

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