Arcane Lineage: Best Super Class Tier List

Check out these super classes with the new update!

Arcane Lineage Best Super Class Tier List

Often games regularly make balance patches to either fix something or nerf overpowered items, builds, or gear. Sometimes they introduce new changes that can shift the meta of a game and with it people’s best builds.

In Arcane Lineage, a recent balance patch has changed a lot in the game and the Super Classes meta has changed with it. Now, what are the best super classes in the game and which ones are the worst?

In this guide, we’ll show you the best Super Classes in the game right now through an easy-to-view Tier List. We’ll review each of them and see their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s see which one of them is the best!

Best Super Class Tier List

There are a lot of Super Classes to choose from in Arcane Lineage but not all of them are the best. Some classes are great at certain things while others are worse overall than the rest. Here are all of the classes from best to worst in a tier list!

SIDE NOTE: The update also added new shards to the game, so go check out our New Shards guide for more information!

Arcane Lineage Super Classes Tier List

S – Tier

  • Berserker – It has been recently nerfed but is still one of the best picks in the game. You can still one-shot a lot of enemies with this Super Class. Sadly with the carnage nerf it’s not the best to farm anymore.
  • Blade Dancer – This Super Class has recently been buffed by increasing the damage with flowing dance and impaling strike. It has a lot of damage and probably has one of the best base move damage in the game.
  • Paladin – It’s still one of the best picks in the game and hasn’t been nerfed. It can stand on its own but isn’t necessary when dealing with bosses. You still have a lot of regen and do debuffs.

A – Tier

  • Elementalist – The Super Class that has been nerfed but not by much. It’s still one of the better picks in the game with high versatility and can even do debuffs.
  • Impaler – It received a lot of buffs with the balance patch like 300% more damage at low HP. All the moves scaling is also increased raising it to A-tier.
  • Rogue – One of the best classes to farm in the game as well as it can solo a few of the bosses in the game. A great pick if you want to get a lot of cash.
  • Saint – The only healing class in the game and a must if you don’t want to worry about dying in raids. There weren’t any major changes with this class, so it’s still great at what it does.

B – Tier

  • Assassin – Not the best meta choice right now but still viable with its DOT damage along criticals.
  • Brawler – This Super Class hasn’t been touched with the big balance patch so it stays in the middle. It’s a viable choice and you can make it work with good buffs.
  • Lancer – With the right setup and build it can deal a lot of damage but it’s not as versatile as the rest of the picks.
  • Monk – One of the changes to this Super Class is that burn is not applied to adjacent enemies with Flame Drop proficiency. A great and balanced pick.

C – Tier

  • Necromancer – One of the Super Classes that got a lot of buffs. It’s still not a big damage class but it is self-sustaining.
  • Dark Wraith – Another Super Class that has been recently buffed but sadly it wasn’t enough to make it the best. They’ve increased the damage scaling but the increase is too negligible at least it’s not the worst!

D – Tier

  • Hexer – One of the worst Super Classes and it has been buffed. The thing is, it was only for energy cost reduction, which doesn’t change much.

Those are all the best Super Classes in Arcane Lineage set in a tier list, now go out there and try the S-tier ones! The new update also changed the Metrom’s Vessel, so go check out our guide on the New Metrom’s Vessel for more information!


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