World Of Aincrad: All Enchantments & Their Buffs

Enchantments exist?

World of Aincrad Enchantment
World of Aincrad Enchantment

Yes, there are enchantments in World of Aincrad! You might have realized at this point that higher level mobs drop better equipment. But for even a smaller chance, you can get very rare equipment with enchantments that make grinding a whole lot easier.

We’re going to show you all kinds of enchantments that we’ve found out in this game. Come check them out!

All Enchantments & Their Buffs

If you haven’t yet known, mobs have 10-30% chance of dropping weapons or armors. Mini Bosses have as low as 1-2% chance.

And then, every weapon drop has a 10% chance of having an enchantment. The higher tier your weapon, the better the enchantment can be. But as you can guess, the chance of getting a drop with an enchantment is very low.

For example, I grinded for 10 rare weapons from the Kobolds and none of them had an enchantment.

There are five types of Tier 1 enchantment that can be on any type of weapons. Here’s what they do:

  • Light: +15% ASPD and +5% Speed
  • Sharp: +25% Normal Damage
  • Heavy: +50% Normal Damage, -10% ASPD, -10% Walk Speed
  • Hardened: +35% Normal Damage, -3% ASPD
  • Shiny: +25% Skill Damage

There are five types of Tier 2 enchantment. It can be found on Rare weapons with a 70% chance and on Epic and Legendary weapons for a 30%. chance. And below is what they do:

  • Perfected: +50% Normal Damage, +75% Skill Damage
  • Hot: +20% Normal Damage, Fire Passive
  • Bloodlustful: +26% Normal Damage, +26% ASPD, +10% Speed, Lifesteal
  • Poisoned: Poison Passive
  • Cold: +65% Normal Damage, Frozen Passive

Finally, there are seven types of Tier 3 enchantment and can only be found on Rare or Epic weapons for 10%. Here’s what they do:

  • Hurricane: +20% Normal Damage, +100% Skill Damage, +100% ASPD, +20% Walk Speed
  • Thundering: +100% Normal Damage, +75% Skill Damage, +30% ASPD
  • Pristine: +125% Normal Damage, +125% Skill Damage
  • Frozen: +70% Normal Damage, +50% Skill Damage, -5% ASPD, Frozen Passive
  • Blazing: +100% Skill Damage, +85% Normal Damage, Fire Passive
  • Darkened: +125% Normal Damage, +100% Skill Damage, Lifesteal
  • Earthen: +300% Normal Damage (unconfirmed)

Every weapon that has an enchantment also has glitters on them and will shine if they’re Tier 2 or Tier 3. Is there an armor enchantment? So far, there isn’t! You can only find these buffs on weapons, so if you got a rare armor from the dungeon on Level 2 that’s the best you can get!

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