Arm Wrestling Simulator: How To Get 1 Billion Strength Fast Guide

Time to pump those numbers up and beat those bosses!

Arm Wrestling Simulator How To Get 1 Billion Strength Fast Guide

Grinding for stats in a video game can be monotonous and boring, so you’ll want to find ways to make it easier. A lot of players try to look for the most optimized way of grinding in video games and that is true for every game!

In Arm Wrestling Simulator, you’ll want to grind up your stats so that you can beat those bosses and get various rewards. Grinding can take a lot of time if you don’t know what you’re doing, so don’t waste time and learn the best way to do it!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get to 1 Billion Strength fast in the game. We’ll go through a couple of methods that can easily increase your strength with the least amount of grind possible.

How To Get 1 Billion Strength Fast Guide

With the new Summer Event area, as well as a set of new bosses, you’ll want to increase your strength in the game. If you want to do it efficiently and with no grind at all, then you should learn the best ways to train your strength. There is the non-VIP and VIP way of doing it and we’ll go through each one!

Here are the two ways that you can effectively increase your strength in Arm Wrestling Simulator:

  • Use the 250KG Dumbbell Weights.
  • Use the VIP Punching Bag.

Weights Method

If you want to increase your strength effectively, then you’ll need to go to the weights area as shown below. It’s just near the sea where there’s a boat and you can use the weights to the left to increase your strength.

Arm Wrestling Simulator Weights Area
They’re teasing another update just behind the weights area!

For non-VIP players, the best way to level up your strength is to go to the weights rack and progress to the heaviest one. Use the dumbbells near the beach and progress until you can lift the 250 kg ones.

You might be wondering why we’re not using the bigger barbells and instead using the dumbbells, that’s because they’re faster! That’s right, the barbells are slower even though they give you slightly more strength. Using the dumbells is much more efficient!

Arm Wrestling Simulator 250KG Weights
Get the heaviest one and start training!

VIP Method

If you’re a VIP member of the game, then you should go to the area with the punching bags as shown below. It’s near where the ramp ends going to the beach and there are a bunch of them you can use.

You’re supposed to progress through each one of them by increasing your Summer Knuckle Stat while using them. The great thing about being a VIP in the game is that you can just skip that and go straight to the VIP punching bag!

Arm Wrestling Simulator Punching Bag Area
Better start punching to get that Summer Knuckle up!

The VIP one is by far the fastest way you can increase strength in the game because of how quickly you can punch. As you can see from the image below, the numbers are even overlapping each other from how fast you increase it!

Arm Wrestling Simulator VIP Punching Bag
Look at those numbers go!

If you maximize your buffs and pets along with these methods you can get to 1 Billion Strength in no time!

Those are all of the best and fastest ways to get 1 Billion Strength in Arm Wrestling Simulator. Now, go out there and try it out yourself! Want to get freebies in the game? Check out our Arm Wrestler Simulator Codes Guide for more details!


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