Arm Wrestling Simulator: Super Rebirth Guide

It’s over 9000!

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So, you’ve decided to try Arm Wrestle Simulator. A little heads up I can give is, you’ll have to do a lot of grinding, as in a LOT. One of the things you’ll have to grind for is the Super Rebirth. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to grind for this, I got you covered! In this guide, I will show you the best method in order to farm or grind for the Super Rebirth the easiest way possible. Let’s get right into it!

Super Rebirth Guide

First, you will need to train Knuckles. Then, get past the First Area – School by defeating the Champion.

Also, remember to try getting as many wins enchants on your pets as possible. Consider getting them Winner Winner 2 as it will help you get more wins. Also, this will help you a lot on the Second Area.

After getting in the Second Area – Gym, continue grinding for Knuckles, until you can beat the Rogue AI and get to the next area. You can get 20m wins for the next area by defeating the AI once by using the enchants tip I provided before.

In the Third Area – Beach, buy the Night Rainbow Trail, then buy as many rebirths as you can.

Afterwards, auto-train Knuckles or Biceps until 4t Strength, but Knuckles seem faster to train if you are looking to save some time.

Next, AFK fight the Fat Pirate, until you have around 8.5-9b wins. You will need this exact amount for the Rebirth upgrades required.

You need the Almighty Rebirth in order to Super Rebirth. Once you have done all the requirements, go Super Rebirth. EZ PZ.

So, it’s not that hard, right? As always, all you need to do a little bit of clicking in Arm Wrestle Simulator. I hope this guide was of any help, and if you have questions or concerns, make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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