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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All 3 Isle of Skye Mysteries

Read this guide and be a certified Isle of Skye mystery solver!

As we know, the Isle of Skye update for AC Valhalla brings a lot of news. In the Isle of Skye, we can find many new weapons collectibles, mysteries, artifacts and riches. But you will need to spend some time finding and solving them, especially with the 3 mysteries. But don’t sweat, below is a complete summary that will allow you to breeze through it all..  

All 3 Isle of Skye Mysteries – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Here we will focus on the locations and solutions for all of the 3 mysteries. 

1. The Fairy Glen Mystery 

The mystery in Fairy Glen revolves around the Standing Stones as shown in the photo below. Locate this then, when you come to the stone pillars, head to the wooden boxes. 

Move the large wooden box filled with stones to the left. Then, climb on it and turn to the stones,  you should be able to notice the symbol on the stones aligned, successfully solving this mystery.

2. Dunvegan Village Mystery

Here you will need to collect the ingredients that the brewer needs, the first ingredients are in the chest behind the barrel, where you will find 4 silver and 100 supplies. 

Then head a little higher than the common one you found and gather wheat, that is the second ingredient. 

Finally, enter the barn, and behind the walls you will find barley. Do not forget that in front of the barn you will find a firefly and you will also need it for this mystery.

Hand over the ingredients to the brewer and with that, you successfully solved this mystery. 

3. Neist Point Mystery

When you get here, head to the huts below and take the big bowl. Enter the hut with a help of a sword or an arrow.

Then with the container you took, head to the big wooden tower as shown in the photo below and throw the container at the door to enter the tower

Climb to the top of the tower and here you will find the old man. That will then end this mystery.

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