Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ask The Villagers About The Nightmares Guide

The villagers are experiencing nightmares and your first task is to know more about them.

In the village of Kiltaraglen, villagers are experiencing vivid nightmares. These nightmares are causing the villagers to become paranoid and hysterical during the day. This guide will show you how you can ask the villagers about the nightmares happening in the town. 

Ask the Villagers About The Nightmares – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Go to the village of Kiltaraglen and talk to the man beside the well. He is a groom, and he will talk about an eagle appearing in his dream. From here, go south until you reach the entrance at a fork. 

Break into the hut to your left by going to the window and shooting at the door lock. Speak to the Cursed Skye Civilian inside. Afterwards, go south until you reach the entrance to the village. 

Before you exit the village, turn right and follow the pathway up the mountain. You will see a large hut here and you need to go to the back part of the hut. When you encounter 3 men huddling together, go south.

Turn left and head north, leading you back to the man near the well. Keep going north and turn right on the first fork. 

Talk to the woman next to a wooden cart and she will tell you about the warrior with a braid. 
With this, you complete the first part of the questline called “Tossing and Turning”.

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