AUT: All Upcoming Abilities, Reworks & Skins (2024)

New things to be excited for!

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A Universal Time is one of those Roblox games that’s just filled to the brim with content that keeps you from doing anything else. It’s had numerous updates during the holidays along with events and has no plans on stopping from providing quality content to its supporters.

That’s why there’s more coming your way. Oh yes, we’re talking about abilities, stand reworks, skins everything you can think of. Well, almost everything. If you want to find out more on what they’re working on, check out the bit of news we have for you!

All Upcoming Abilities, Reworks & Skins (2024)

The game has plenty of original and universal abilities. Original being the ones from the original JoJo Universe.

Universal abilities are considered non-canon, but they’re still available in the game for fun. Here are the abilities you can look forward to whenever a new update drops:

  • Toji Fushiguroon Jujutsu Kaisen Part 2 update
  • Yuji Itadorion Jujutsu Kaisen Part 2 update
  • Ryomen Sukunaon Jujutsu Kaisen Part 2 update
  • δ:for the DELTA
  • Kars
  • Anubis

SIDE NOTE: New to the game and have no idea what all of this means? We don’t know how you ended up here, but we sure can help by providing you with a Beginner’s guide for AUT. With this guide, you’ll know the ins and outs of the game as it currently stands.

A Universal Time Delta

Upcoming Reworks Summaru

So far, there’s only two reworks confirmed concerning Tusk and Goku’s ability. Maybe they’ll take back the slight nerf they gave Goku a while back and make him more viable in combat.

Nothing much has been said for Tusk. It’s not specified if it’s the ability that’s being reworked or the entire 4 acts put together.

Others that are put on hold indefinitely include Nocturnus, STWR, SPR, and strangely enough, Asriel. No skins have been announced on both Twitter and Discord at the moment.

A Universal Time Anubis

With all that said, that is all of the things you can look forward to in AUT. Check back here every now and then as we cover the game regularly as much as they do!

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