AUT: Limitless Mythic Trait Guide & Showcase (Temporal Trait)

Slow down your enemies to a crawl!

AUT Limitless Mythic Trait Guide Showcase Temporal Trait

Sometimes, the game just doesn’t give you enough information for a skill or trait in a game. They often go with vague terms like, ‘slightly more damage’ or ‘higher chance’ instead of just numbers.

Moreover, some games don’t even give you that much information! In A Universal Time, a lot of players are a bit confused about what the different traits do. Good thing for you that we know what this one does!

In this guide, we will show you how the Mythic Temporal Trait works in A Universal Time. We’ll go through its features and how it works in the game. Now, let’s see what it does!

Limitless Mythic Trait Guide & Showcase (Temporal Trait)

When you’re in the late game of A Universal Time you might want to get some Traits for your character.

There are a lot of traits in the game ranging from common ones that just give you flat bonuses to Mythic ones that can change how you play the game.

SIDE NOTE: Traits can be tough to farm in this game so here’s a detailed guide on how to get Mythic & Legendary traits fast in the game!

A Universal Time Temporal Trait Attack

One of the Mythic traits that you can get is the Temporal Trait which slows down enemies around you.

This includes all of their moves from special attacks and abilities to normal M1 attacks. The range of the slowdown depends on your meter with a higher meter meaning a bigger range.

Since enemies are slowed down this trait can be great for blocking, canceling, or even dodging enemy attacks.

It can also throw some enemies off guard as their attack beat or tempo is slowed. Be careful about grabs though since the hitbox can be a bit funky when slowed down.

AUT Mythical Temporal Trait Showcase

It also has a HEX Variant – FTL Temporal:

  • Inflict debuffs on nearby enemies, with the debuff range increasing as your meter charges. Simultaneously, you also get buffs during this process.
  • Every 20 seconds, you transition into a state where you experience the same debuffs, refraining from affecting others for 10 seconds.
  • You have to always be aware though as your meter depletes faster in close proximity to others. NOTE: Your slowing effect is less effective on those with elevated meter levels.

That’s what the Mythic Temporal Trait is in A Universal Time. Now, go out there and try to get this trait for yourself! Slow down your enemies and punish them!

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