AUT: Fastest Way To Get UCoins & Ascension Guide | Update 3.0

Ascend at blazing fast speed with all the coins you need!

With Update 3.0, it seems that A Universal Time continues to be a game where players will need to grind a lot. Whatever system you use to make your character stronger, you will always need to grind for resources.

With the Ascension system in the game, players will need to grind for uCoins to ensure they can get to the next level.

Getting uCoins can be incredibly tedious because of this grind. Not to worry, we have a solution for you. In this guide, we will show you the fastest way to grind uCoins so that you can Ascend as quickly as possible. Let’s dive in!

Fastest Way To Get UCoins & Ascension Guide

If you’re not familiar with Ascension, it is a way for you to get better Traits in exchange for uCoins and losing your Level.

In essence, you are able to Roll for better Traits, like Mythics and Legendaries. These Traits will help make you more powerful with unique stat boosts and more.

Here is an Ascension Spam Guide which will give you a better idea of why this mechanic can be so powerful.

Rolling Traits in AUT.

As mentioned, uCoins are one of the major requirements you will need to Ascend. Not only that, but you will need quite a few uCoins if you want to Ascend.

Since you will likely be ascending multiple times, you will want to get uCoins quickly and consistently.

uCoins requirement for Ascension in AUT.

For starters, you will need to use the Dawn Stand. It can allow you to farm numerous enemies at once. The Stand provides you with the Whirling Inferno Attack that you can use after Radiance to constantly regenerate mana as you spam the attack.

It is a powerful combination that you can use to clear multiple enemies at once. Using it alongside the Bombastic Trait is considered the best way to farm uShards and we suggest you use the same build mentioned in the guide.

Using Whirling Attack on Curses in AUT.

Once you have the build, you want to make your way to the Desert. Here, there are mobs of Curses that spawn that you will want to fight.

Using the Whirling Attack skill, you can spam the move and take care of these mobs with relative ease.

Once they die, they leave behind a lot of chests. You can open these Chests to obtain uCoins. The amount of uCoins you get will depend on your luck.

Sometimes, you can get a lot of uCoins at once, and other times you just get the standard amount.

Getting 25k uCoins from Chest in AUT.

By running this method over and over again, you can accumulate quite a lot of uCoins within 30-50 minutes.

Of course, the final yield will always depend on your luck, as sometimes you may not get the 25k uCoins bonus.

With the accumulated uCoins, you can go to the Ascension Menu and Ascend to the next level. After that, you can farm for more uCoins with the same method and use them to Ascend again.

Chest after defeating Curses in AUT.

That’s everything you need to know about the fastest way of getting uCoins and Ascending in AUT. Unfortunately, you might have to grind even with this method, because that is just what the state of the game is right now.

But you will find that with this method you will be getting uCoins a lot faster. With faster uCoins gain, you will be able to level up your Ascension quicker for better Traits!

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