AUT: Ascension Complete Guide & Why You Should Spam It

Ascend to the top of the Universe!

A Universal Tale on Roblox provides players with all sorts of opportunities to become a powerful warrior. With a variety of currencies and items to earn, you can go all sorts of routes in upgrading your character.

Ascension is one such way in which you can be stronger. However, a lot of doubt still exists regarding it and how it works.

In this guide, we will show you why Ascension is so strong and how you can Ascend in the best way possible. After that, you can spam Ascension and take advantage of it. With that said, let’s get into it.

Ascension Complete Guide

Ascension is a gameplay mechanic that you can use to become incredibly powerful. We’ll first provide insights into why it is powerful, before diving into how you can spam it.

Ascension – Why You Should Spam It

Ascension is a mechanic that allows you to increase the chances of getting Traits in exchange for uCoins and your Level. Basically, for every Ascension level, your Ability Level is reset.

Traits play a vital Role in the game, providing you with Stat Boosts. The Rarer the Traits, the higher the Stat boosts and benefits you will get from them.

With better Traits, you can make powerful builds that will more than make up for the Level that you lose from leveling up Ascension.

Rolling for Traits in AUT.

So, we highly recommend that you put all your effort towards Raising Ascension and leveling up the moment you get.

Keep in mind though, that you will need to grind quite a lot if you want to go down the Ascension spamming route.

As you’ll see later on, the method relies a lot on gambling, so you will keep testing your luck until you get useful Traits.

So, if you’re up for the task, Ascension spamming can be a great asset for you.

Ascension Level 5 in AUT.

Ascension Spamming Method

Starting out, you will be at Level 0 and will need to go through the hardest part of the method. Since you have no uShards, you will need to start by beating Bandits.

We recommend that you begin by going to the Bandits behind the Skate Park, where you can even complete your first contract.

After that, you can move onto the Fishing Village followed by the Desert. Doing so will enable you to accumulate quite a few uShards, from where you will move onto the next step.

For more details, check out this detailed guide on the best way to farm Ushards in the game.

Fighting Hooligans in Fishing Village in AUT.

The next step is to start gambling with your hard-earned uShards. That’s right, you will need to go to the Park where you will need to find the Ability Banner NPC.

Ability Banner NPC in AUT.

After that, you will be Rolling for Shards (separate from uShards) that you can get from this NPC. You will need to keep doing until you run out of uShards, so that you can maximize the Shards you obtain.

Ability Banner Menu in AUT.

Now that you have a bunch of Shards, you will head toward any Black Market NPC in the game. Check out this all Black Market NPC Locations guide if you’re having trouble finding one. Once you are here, talk to him and go to the Shard Exchange Menu.

Shard Exchange Menu in AUT.

Here, you can take all those Shards that you got from Gambling and exchange them from XP. Doing so will provide you with two benefits: Gain the Levels necessary for Ascension and Roll for Traits.

Since Ascension allows you to get better Traits, you will be able to get some amazing ones with this technique.

Epic Trait Roll in AUT.

However, for Ascension, you will also need to get uCoins. You can get uCoins by grinding out enemies throughout the world.

If you are at a low level, you will likely need to start doing so with Bandits. However, the best way to get uCoins is by grinding in the Desert.

Fighting enemies in Desert in AUT.

Once you have the required uCoins and Ability Level, you can now Ascend for the first time. Go into the Ability menu, where you can access your Stats, and click on the Ascensions Menu.

At the bottom, choose the Ascend option to get to Ascension Level 1. Doing so, will reset your Ability Level.

Ascending to Level 1 in AUT.

If you go to the Black Market NPC and exchange your Shards, you will notice that you can already get better Traits. From the first Ascension, you will already be able to get Epic Traits. Here is the Ascension and Trait Rarity breakdown:

  • Ascension Level 1-4: Epic
  • Ascension Level 5-9: Legendary
  • Ascension Level 10+: Mythic.

Now, you can repeat the steps, to keep Ascending and keep rolling for Traits. You will likely have leftover Shards from gambling, and can use those at the Black Market NPC to start leveling up.

Additionally, you will be able to grind much easier for uShards, enabling you to progress on your Ascension journey.

Legendary Trait obtained in AUT.

That’s everything you need to know about Ascension, why it is so strong, and how you can Spam it. As you can see, it can be a great asset for you, although you will need to grind heavily for it.

Additionally, it also requires you to be all in since you will be gambling a lot, while also constantly resetting your level. However, the amazing traits that you can get with this method will be able to offset all that trouble.

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