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So many moves that you can use!

A Universal Time (AUT in short) is a popular  Roblox game based on Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There is a lot of content to be discovered in the game. You can master different kinds of abilities, fight with bosses, and do many other things. One of the newest specs added to the game is Kars, which was added in Update 3.6. It is based on the character of the same name from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to get the Kars ability fast in AUT. Along with that, we will talk about its moves and abilities as well.

Make sure to check out the table of contents below to see the sections of this guide.

How To Get KARS Ability Fast

There are two possible ways for you to get the newest Kars ability in A Universal Time right now. Both methods include getting the True Stone Mask and using it. You can either:

  • Defeat the new Kars boss to drop the True Stone Mask.


  • Craft the True Stone Mask.

Now, let’s take a look at both requirement methods. After that, we will discuss the abilities of this new spec as well.

 How To Get KARS Ability Fast in AUT

Defeating the Kars Boss

Kars Boss spawns every 30 minutes at the Floating Village Arena. For this method, you can follow:

  1. Kill Kars (Boss) with any Hamon (Base HamonJonathan Hamon, & Joseph Hamon) ability for a 10% chance to obtain the True Stone Mask (only eligible for the player who deals the most damage to the boss).
  2. Use True Stone Mask on Vampire to evolve Vampire into Kars.

However, before you go trying to defeat Kars Boss, you need to be aware that it is a pretty strong boss. It might take you some time to get it, and you might need to work with other players. But, you need to be the one who deals the most damage. Make sure to check out our Best Traits Guide while you are getting ready.

Fighting the KARS boss to get the True Stone Mask in AUT.

Crafting the True Stone Mask

The ability banner represents a new alternate method of gaining skills such as stands and abilities from other animes. At the ability banner, you can “pullone or ten random shards. This includes Kars shards as well. So, for this method, you need to:

  1. Obtain 5x Kars’ Shards from his Specialty Banner.
  2. Obtain 1 Aja Stone and 1 Vampire Mask.
  3. Talk to the Ability Crafting NPC and find the “True Stone Mask” label.
  4. Craft the item.
  5. Use True Stone Mask on Vampire to evolve Vampire into Kars.

Considering how powerful the Kars Boss is, this obtainment method might be easier than the first one.

Crafting the True Stone Mask to get the KARS ability in AUT.

Kars Ability Moveset

The Kars Ability has a good set of moves. Thus, it makes it a very good and powerful ability, its moves are as follows:

Default KeybindMoveName
M1W.I.PRusk AttackPerform a succession of attacks, concluding with a strong blow that knocks foes away.
CW.I.PSuperhuman AgilityDash in the direction you’re traveling at superhuman speeds. Drastically increased distance compared to the usual dash.
QW.I.PLight DancerRequires 75 HT. Vibrate your blades at high speeds, significantly improving stats and senses. While in this mode, you can observe the meter bar of any target within the appropriate range. Some attacks also provide an “aftercut” effect.
Q+W.I.PSupernatural RegenerationA regeneration move. Rapidly regenerate HP, at the cost of HT.
EW.I.PRicochet StormUnleash a gleaming barrage of vibrant slashes. While in Light Dancer, the barrage deflects incoming projectiles.
RW.I.PCross ReaverRequires 25 HT. Form an X shape made of slashes in front of you, inflicting a bombardment of slashes upon any target caught within.
R+W.I.PHeart & StabRequires 25 HT. Lunge forward, and grab the neck of the enemy, before finishing off with a final strike.
TW.I.PSupersonic KickCharge up, before dealing a devastating sweep forward.
T+W.I.PLotus GripRequires 15 HT. Kick the enemy high into the air, proceeding to catch the target mid-air before driving them into the ground.
YW.I.P“Come forth, Wamuu!”Requires 25 HT. Enlist the help of a fellow pillar man, Wamuu, to manipulate the elements in order to form a miniature tornado, slicing anyone caught within.
Y+W.I.P“Dry your tears, Esidisi!”Requires 15 HT. Enlist the help of a fellow pillar man, Esidisi, to deal cascade of boiling blood directed toward the target.
GW.I.P“I Always Win!”Initiate a counter state, and when provoked, use a random victim as bait and swiftly traverse behind the attacker before entrapping them in a range of rapid slashes and dealing a final blow.
HW.I.PVisceral AnimosityWildly spin forward, unleashing devastating slashes in all directions.
H+W.I.PPillar Men TakedownRequires 75 HT. Catch the enemy in a grab, before enlisting the help of the other pillar men to simultaneously pounce on the target.
ZW.I.PBrilliant Bone BladeChoose to either visually reveal your arm blades or not. It is only visual.
VW.I.PSonic BlinkFlash in the direction you are moving, fast enough to leave an afterimage in your original position.
BW.I.PBlinding BladesRequires 25 HT. Shine light throughout your blinds, stunning nearby opponents.
Passive AbilityPillarmen RegenerationThe user passively heals 1.5 times faster than the ordinary human.
KARS ability moveset in AUT.

This is how you can get the Kars ability as fast as possible in A Universal Time. This one is a very strong ability, and we advise you to give it a shot. Therefore, go and get it as quickly as you can!


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