AUT: How To Obtain Cid Shadow Kagenou Complete Guide + Showcase (Prisoners, Bisento & Gemstones)

It might be the most difficult spec to get, but it is also the most rewarding one.

Shadow is a new spec introduced in Update 3.6 of A Universal Time based on Cid Kagenou from The Eminence In Shadow, and it has the greatest number of moves in the game. Both the Cid Kagenou boss and the Shadow Ability were added to the game with the latest update of the game. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to obtain the Cid Shadow Kagenou in AUT and also make a showcase.

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How To Obtain Cid Shadow Kagenou

There is only one method to follow for getting the Cid Shadow Kagenou in AUT. You only need to:

  • Seek out Bur (NPC) and accept his quest to kill Shadow, which will reward you with Slime Essence.
  • Then, proceed to the Kame House to speak with EpicNitronX360 and accept his quest line.
  • You will obtain the Cursed Gemstone once you have completed the quest line.
  • Once you use the Cursed Gemstone and 1,000,000 UCoins at the Boss Summoner, you will summon Cid Kagenou. Then, you must fight and defeat him.
  • After beating Cid Kagenou, you return to Bur and receive Slime Energy. When you use it, this gives you the Shadow Spec.
Talking with EpicNitronX360 for obtaining the Cid Shadow Kagenou in AUT.

Nitron’s Trial

The quest you are going to get from EpicNitronX360 is called Nitron’s Trial. It is a pretty long quest that requires you to complete three parts. In order to finish this quest, you need to:

Part 1: Nitron’s Special Adventure

  • Defeat The Oni using Standless
  • Defeat Minos Prime using Standless
  • Defeat The Bearer using Standless
  • Defeat DIO (Boss) using Standless
  • Defeat Josuke Higashikata using Standless
  • Defeat The Knight using Standless
  • Defeat Diavolo using Standless
  • Defeat The Honored One using Standless
  • Defeat Umbra (Boss) using Standless

You need to use Standless while using these enemies, however, you can deal them a good amount of damage with specs and then finish them off with Standless as well. Also, you can find most of the bosses hanging around the altar, and the others are from the slayer contracts.

Finishing the first part of EpicNitronX360's quest line in AUT.

Part 2: Nitron’s Special Adventure

After you are done defeating the bosses and enemies in the first part of the quest, you need to go back to EpicNitronX360. Then, he is going to give you the second part of this quest line.

  • Defeat Whitebeard and return his Bisento to Nitron
  • Defeat 100 Fleeing Prisoners Located at the Joestar Manor

The Whitebeard is the first raid boss in AUT. It spawns naturally at Marineford every 3 hours globally (12 A.M, 3 A.M, 6 A.M, etc). It has a %50 chance of dropping the Bisento.

The second part of EpicNitronX360's quest line in AUT.

Part 3: Resurrection

After you manage to defeat 100 Fleeing Prisoners next to Joestar Manor and get the Bisento from Whitebread, you can go back to EpicNitronX360 again. At this point, he is going to give you the third part of this quest line.

  • Consume the Kinetic Gemstone (Locke)
  • Consume the Phoenix Gemstone (Dawn)
  • Consume the Draconic Gemstone (Dragon Knight)
  • Consume the Soul Gemstone (Reaper)
  • Consume the Monochromatic Gemstone (Xeno)

In order to finish this part, you are going to need to find the Z4 NPC located behind the Colosseum, sacrifice the 5 abilities to him, and then consume the gems you receive.

Sacrificing 5 ability to get the gemstones from Z4.

Obtaining Cid Shadow Kagenou

After completing the three parts of EpicNitronX360‘s quest line, you need to go back to him one last time. When you interact with him, he is going to give you the cursed gemstone. You can go to the Boss Spawner and use it with +2.5 million uCoins and summon the Shadow Kagenou Boss.

Pay attention to what EpicNitronX360 says when he is giving you the cursed gemstone. He will warn you about not using the Sakuya Izayoi to fight this boss as it is not very powerful against it.

The third part of EpicNitronX360's quest line in AUT.

Now, go to the Boss Spawner and use the cursed gemstone to spawn the Shadow Kagenou Boss. Then, all you need to do is defeat him, but it is not going to be too easy as he is a very powerful boss.

Spawning Shadow Boss at the Boss Summoning altar.

Shadow Kagenou Boss

Since Shadow Kagenou Boss is a very strong one, we will give you some information about his features as well.

This boss has 25,000 HP and cannot be grabbed, stunned, or rag-dolled. When he reaches half health, he awakens, dramatically increasing his damage and speed.

Attempting to fight this boss with Sakuya Izayoi will result in instant death from any of the boss’s attacks. So if you are thinking that EpicNitronX360 was joking when he said you should not use it, think about it again 🙂

Shadow Kagenou Boss features in AUT.

Shadow Spec Showcase

Now that you worked so hard to get this amazing new spec, it is time to see what kind of moves it will provide you with. With one passive and seventeen moves, this spec has the most moves in the game, so it is definitely worth all your effort.

  • Passive (Cursed Touch): Certain attacks mark targets; hitting them again allows you to consume the mark and heal with it. Heal scales off your prior damage and the new move damage, with a maximum of 30, and a minimum of 5 healing.
  • LMB/M1 (Rush Attack): Perform a series of attacks, concluding with a strong blow, knocking targets away.
  • RMB/M2 (Slime Emisson): Emit some slime, which proceeds to travel forward in the form of a projectile.
  • C Move (Shadowstep): You initiate a swift directional dash, briefly making you intangible to attacks.
  • X Move (Dark Blade): Impale a target. If you manage to impale them, twist them around & then slice them away.
  • Q Move (Atomic Recovery): Encase yourself in an atomic cage as you start charging up atomic magic to heal yourself. Charging this fully will release an additional wave of healing which heals party members.
  • E Move (Silhouette Slashes): Unleash multiple slashes (If this is held) & slam down the ground after completing the slashes.
  • R Move (Umbral Charge): Charge forward in an instant. Hitting a target will lift this move’s cooldown and let you cast it again.
  • R+ Move (Umbral Smash): Unleash a swift slash using your longsword. Connecting with a target will cause you to hinder them briefly before flashing behind them to push them down, before following up by flashing in front of them to slam them into the ground. This leaves them in a dazed state where they can be attacked.
  • T Move (Eidolon Tears): Charge up briefly before sending out a burst of slime projectiles. These slime projectiles home onto targets nearby.
  • T+ Move (Birdcage of Darkness): Place your sword down as you swiftly spin your hands around to release a cage, stringing caught targets up. This immobilizes targets briefly.
  • Y Move (Shadow’s Retribution): Enter a counter-attack state. If you are hit, retaliate by teleporting being the target & then slashing them away.
  • Y+ Move (Imminent Blink): Channel for a short amount of time before releasing yourself in the direction you are facing. This will attack all targets that were in the radius of your attack multiple times.
  • G Move (Overdrive): Enter an awakened state, where you gain buffed stats (50 ATK, 40 SPEC, 30 DEF) alongside most of your moves having altered attributes.
  • Z Move (“I am Atomic”): Encase yourself in an atomic cage as you start chanting for your ultimate move. Following this chant, release all of your atomic magic with a single sword motion, discharging a huge shockwave and greatly damaging anyone caught in the radius.
  • V Move (Atomic Flash): Flash forward in an instant by displacing yourself using atomic magic.
  • B Move (Atomic Sword): Encase yourself in an atomic cage as you charge up and unleash a swift slash infused with atomic magic.
Shadow Spec Showcase AUT.

This is how to obtain Cid Shadow Kagenou in AUT. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to check out our guide on How To Get Any Mounts For Free (Mingo Quest, Shadow Demand Location & More) as well before you leave.


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