AUT: What Is Item Purity

The purer, the better!

You can explore a wide world brimming with enemies and opportunities in A Universal Time. As you progress through your journey, you will get all sorts of items and accessories. Whether it be through trading or drops, you can sell these items and get in game currency in return.

You might have noticed that when you’re selling items, the concept of Item Purity comes into play, a feature added in Update 3.0. Item Purity directly influences how much money you get, but what exactly does it mean?

Not to worry, we have you covered. In this guide, we will help you understand what Item Purity is. Let’s dive in!

What Is Item Purity

When you visit the Black Market and talk to the NPC, you can sell any item that you have. You may have noticed that there is a Purity Bonus that appears when you are selling.

With the Purity Bonus, you can get extra cash depending on the item’s value. If you’re having trouble with finding the NPC, here are all the Black Market NPC Locations.

Black Market Menu in AUT Roblox.

Additionally, if you hover above an item in your Inventory, you will notice it has an Item Purity Value.

We will consider two Bats to help understand this concept. Here is the first Bat providing a 27 Bonus.

Bat Purity Bonus of 27 in AUT Roblox.

On the other hand, here is the same bat, but with a higher Item Purity. As a result, it provides a higher Bonus of 48 Cash when you sell it even though it is the exact same item.

Bat Purity Bonus of 48 in AUT Roblox.

If you want to maximize the bonus, you will need to find an Item with 100% Item Purity. You can actually do this easily if you get an item from a drop.

For example, here is a Frog I Item that dropped with a 100% Purity.

Purity Bonus of 100 in AUT Roblox.

If you go to the Black Market, and sell it, you will notice that you get a 75 Bonus, even though the item is only worth 25 Cash. In essence, you are getting x3  the value you would have normally gotten. 

As a result, if you plan on selling an item, do it immediately after you get it as a Drop. Imagine the Cash you can get if you sell a Cursed Orb with 100% Purity!

Selling Frog I for 75 Purity Bonus in AUT Roblox.

That’s everything you need to know about the Item Purity concept in AUT. A handy mechanic that you can take advantage of to get bonus cash when you are selling items.

If you have multiple items of the same type, we suggest selling the Higher Purity ones so that you can get the most cash. Additionally, try to sell higher value items if you don’t need them, for even higher Bonuses!

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