Baldur’s Gate 3: Complete Patch 5 Guide (New Endings, Bug Fixes & More)

Now that’s a great way to end the game!

Baldurs Gate 3 Complete Patch 5 Guide New Endings Bug Fixes More

Larian Studios is continuing to show everyone what a great developer they are by adding even more content to Baldur’s Gate 3! If you haven’t noticed the giant update that you downloaded for the game, there’s a new Patch 5 for the game.

This patch adds more content at the end of the game as well as a way to finally recruit Minthara and Halsin together. Not only that but they also fixed a major bug!

Complete Patch 5 Guide (New Endings, Bug Fixes & More)

This new patch is huge and adds a lot of new content to the game. It also fixes a massive lag issue in the later act of the game that was caused by some weird bug. Here are all of the major additions this patch has added!

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

The Patch 5 update is huge and with it comes a bunch of minor changes and bug fixes. They’ve nerfed the Tavern Brawler feat which makes me sad. I understand it was broken but it was so much fun playing as a monk or Barbarian with it.

They’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs like puzzles not working, Orin’s outfit finally being a piece of loot, and even an added battle if you betray Nightsong.

There has also been a huge bug from Patch 4 that made the entirety of Act 3 lag for a lot of players. This has been fixed with Patch 5 and it turned out to be the game doing some funny checks with stolen property.

It seems like the game kept on checking for stolen goods from all acts even if you were in Act 3, impacting performance. This isn’t the case anymore and hopefully, the final act will be a bit smoother for most people!

Baldur's Gate 3 Orin

New Game Modes

Alongside the minor changes come new game modes for you to try out. The first one is Honour mode which is much like the Ironman mode for other games where you only have one save.

Every choice you make the game will save and you’ll have to stick with your choices, just like in regular tabletop DnD.

Much like in the tabletop version, there’s also an added difficulty as now most bosses in the game will have Legendary Actions and Resistances.

These are moves that were sorely missing from the game and now they’re here. They’re moves that make these boss fights even more difficult!

If you don’t want the top difficulty and want a more tailored experience, then there’s also the Custom game mode. This is where you can have a lot of different difficult options that you can set to your liking.

From setting how hard or easy enemies and rolls are. Now, you can customize more of the game to suit how you want to play it!

Baldur's Gate 3 Honour Mode

Recruiting Minthara and Halsin Together

The first big addition to the game is now you can now recruit both Minthara and Halsin in one playthrough. Before the patch, you couldn’t do that due to both of their ideologies and sides in the conflict in Act 1.

Players have found a way to trick the system and recruit both of them through exploits and there were also mods to get the same effect.

Now, you don’t have to do any of those since you can now officially get them both. You need to do it in Act 1 though, so it’s a great excuse to start a new game!

Make sure to go check out our guide on how to recruit both Minthara & Halsin with the new patch for more information!

Baldur's Gate 3 Minthara

New Epilogue

Spoilers. We’re saving the best for last and it fits since this will be the last thing most people will experience.

The patch has added an Epilogue to the game that players who had an ending that works with it. So if have an ending where everyone dies or the bad guys wins you don’t get to see this one.

In this new Epilogue, you’ll be invited by Withers to a party sometime after the last events of the game.

From there, your character can catch up with the people you’ve spent time saving the world with. You’ll get to see your companions for one last time and check up on what they’ve done since the ending.

It’s a nice little closing action for the game and Withers didn’t pull any stops with this party. Just do a background check on the guy playing the music for the party. He’s a famous musician!

Baldur's Gate 3 Withers

That’s just touching the surface of what Patch 5 has added to Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve only listed the major ones so far. Now, go out there and enjoy the game!

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