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Baldur’s Gate 3: Find The Dowry Guide

Help Benryn look for his Dowry!

After rescuing the Trapped Man, you speak with Benryn. After facing the death of his wife, Benryn is devastated. However, he tells you of the Dowry that he has for both him and his wife. Below is how to find the Dowry he mentioned. 

Dowry Location – Baldur’s Gate 3

After talking to Benryn, go down the house and walk outside. Go to the northwestern pathway of the village. You will notice a house here as you enter the pathway. Be careful, the pathway is currently burning and it will damage your character. 

Go inside the house near a broken wooden cart. There is a haystack inside this house. Interact with the haystack to find a gilded chest. 

Dowry Ring

Opening the chest will give you the Dowry Ring. Inspecting this ring will tell you that it is a simple gold ring with the inscription “From Miri and Benryn”. Get the Dowry ring and go back to the house that Benryn is in. 

You can choose to keep the dowry ring or give the ring back to him. After giving him back the Dowry ring, he will thank you and ask to be left alone with his wife, completing the quest. 

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