Baldur’s Gate 3: Speaking to Murmath’s Spiders | Animal Speaking Guide

Speak the language of the Spiders!

The Spiders are talking amongst themselves, discussing the Spider Queen, Lolth. Use this guide to learn how to speak with the Murmath Spiders. This guide will also tell you which choices you need to make during the dialogue. 

Spiders Location – Baldur’s Gate 3

The spiders can be found on the Underdark, Grymforge. Drink a Potion of Animal Speaking and approach the spiders to start the conversation. 

Religious Choice

As the spiders speak among themselves, there are multiple dialogue choices that you can choose. The first set of choices will give you an option to recall your learnings about the Spider Queen. You need to roll for Religion on this and success will give you a new choice for the next set of dialogues.

If you are successful with the Religion choice, you will get the 1st choice which says that harming one of your kind is a capital crime. Choosing this will immediately instantly make the dialogue successful, with the spiders leaving. 

Other Choices

Choosing another choice aside from the religious choice will lead you to another set of dialogues. You can choose to deceive, intimidate, persuade or attack the spiders. If you choose to deceive, intimidate or persuade the spiders, you need to roll. A successful roll will make the spiders leave but a failed saving throw will cause the spiders to kill Xanta. You can also choose to attack the spiders, causing you to engage in a battle with them.

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