BDO Port Ratt Imperial Trading Guide | Active End Game Trading 2022

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BDO Port Ratt Imperial Trading Guide Active End Game Trading 2022

Traders in video games can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There’s players who play the market and spend most of their times buying and selling goods to other players. Then there are crafters who make gear, food and other items for other players to buy. Then there are some games that add those elements to the game itself with their own skill progression and so on. Black Desert Online is one of those games where you can actually have a skill in trading that you level up. In this guide we’ll show you how it looks like in the End Game Trading 2022.

Active End Game Trading 2022 For BDO | Port Ratt Imperial Trading Guide

First off, there are a lot of life skills in BDO, and they can get confusing at times. For example, is that Imperial Trading is actually different from Imperial Crafting Delivery. The latter is for Cooking and Alchemy where you pack your products and sell them to the NPCs. Imperial Trading is for the Trading life skill where you buy goods from one NPC and sell them to another. 

Source: Sea PlayBlackDesert

The first thing you’ll need is a ship. A Caravel or something bigger will suffice, the larger the cargo hold the higher your profits will be.

Once you have that you shouldn’t just jump into Imperial Trading without first knowing how much time is left. Imperial Trading refreshes every 4 hours, and if you buy goods nearing the end of that 4 hours then you will lose profits by the time you get to your destination because the time would have reset by then.

Now to start trading you’ll need to get to Velia; from there you need to check each server if it’s viable to trade to Port Ratt. That’s because these trades are RNG and so you might need to hop into different servers to check.

Source: Everm EXP – YouTube

Our first stop is the island of Baremi, so to maximize the gain don’t forget to also get a trade delivery mission to the Island, as well us stocking up your ship with expensive goods to sell to the island for extra profits.

Source: Map — Famme’s BDO Tools (

Once you get to the island you can turn in the quest and sell your goods. Now you need to go a sail to Oquilla’s Eye.

Source: Map — Famme’s BDO Tools (

After arriving at Oquilla’s Eye you can then use your traveler’s map to go to Port Ratt.

Now from Port Ratt you can buy the goods to sell back to the mainland. For trading to Velia you should go for Pure Gold Censers. For Altinova you’ll need Haso Celadon Porcelain. Remember that these are limited and other players will be buying these goods as well, so if you don’t see any available then that means someone has already gotten the last of the stock and you’ll need to wait for the 4 hours to finish and refresh.

Congratulations you now know how to do Imperial Trading. Now go out there and trade to your heart’s content! Massive thanks to Everm EXP for showing everyone how to do these routes. If you need more information check his video out here: 2022 BDO Port Ratt Imperial Delivery Trading – Active End Game Trading Part 1 (Black Desert Online) – YouTube

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