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Bear and Breakfast: Complete Beginners Guide

I’m pretty sure the developers made a joke about bed and breakfast and decided to make a game.

Bear and Breakfast is a cute little management simulator game that follows the story of a bear named Hank who tries to restore the area he lives in. If you’ve played games like Stardew Valley, you’ll find the gameplay to be very similar, with a hint of Diner Dash in it. The game may have a cute and chill vibe to it, the one that says “play me to relax”, but things get pretty busy later in the game. In this guide, we’ll help guide you through what you need to do in order to avoid being overwhelmed later on.

Complete Beginners Guide – Bear and Breakfast

As you progress through the game, more and more features and mechanics will be unlocked to you. This is normal for game progression, but some people can be overwhelmed with how many things are popping up.

When new features and mechanics pop up, take your time to understand it. Don’t just rush into the next objective when you do, focus on understanding on the new thing that pops up, so you won’t be confused later on.

Also do side quests as much as you can before continuing on to the main story. Completing side quests will reward you with items that will help advancing the story easier, as well as having an abundance of extra items isn’t a bad idea.

Speaking of items, search everything. Your storage is pretty much infinite, meaning you can store everything with no problem. This feature is granted to you early on, so searching for items is always a good idea so you can use them in the future.

Make use of your map as well, as you can get lost easily in the game. It also indicates item areas that can respawn after 24 in-game hours. This is useful as you can go back and get free items without the hassle of having to find them again since the location is marked on your map.

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